Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Didier Lockwood - 'Round About Silence

The last 25 years have been like an extraordinary whirlwind of musical encounters, each more rewarding than the preceding. This time, however, I felt it necessary - even vital - to try and suspend time so as to relish the delicate silent space that surrounds it. All of us have tried, in our own way, to express the ineffable. To convey, sans artifice, the brittleness of things. It is in this spirit that we invite you to share these simple stories, tender, melancholic and sweet, like an escapade out of time, hoping that you will get as musch pleasure in listening as we have had in telling them. - by Didier Lockwood, from the CD cover

Artist: Didier Lockwood
Album: 'Round About Silence
Year: 1998
Label: Dreyfus Jazz
Runtime: 56:04

1.  I Remember Alby (Didier Lockwood) 4:32
2.  La javanaise (Didier Lockwood) 4:35
3.  Grenouille (Benoit Sourisse) 2:19
4.  Sao Luis (Francis Lockwood) 4:44
5.  Madiva (Didier Lockwood) 5:46
6.  Entrasystoles (Didier Lockwood) 3:30
7.  Round About Silence (Didier Lockwood) 4:06
8.  Bossa pour Didier (Stephane Grapelli) 4:56
9.  Nicou (Andre Charlier) 4:44
10.  Epique ou rien (Benoit Sourisse) 4:22
11.  Hati (Didier Lockwood) 3:11
12.  Rue de la foret (Didier Lockwood) 4:17
13.  Ballade des fées (Didier Lockwood) 2:39
14.  Jour de pluie (Didier Lockwood) 2:18

Didier Lockwood (Violin, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Mandolin)
André Charlier (Drums)
Marc-Michel Lebevillon (Double Bass)
Benoit Sourisse (Piano)
Guest musicians:
Bireli Lagrene (Guitar) - 2,8
Eric Séva (Soprano Saxophone) - 5,7,10
Marc Berthoumieux (Accordion) - 4,11
Caroline Casadesus (Vocals) - 4,7
Anne Ducros (Vocals) - 4,7
Dominique Marc (Tenor Saxophone) - 13
Claude Egéa (Trumpet, Flugelhorn) - 10
Damien Verherve (Trombone) - 10



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