Friday, January 6, 2012

Burhan Öcal & Jamaaladeen Tacuma - Groove Alla Turca

Here we have again Burhan Ocal and friends.. Who are they? In this album we also have Natacha Atlas and Jamaaladeen Tacuma. There are 12 tracks at this cd. There are some very good tracks. Such as Nihavend Longa and Saz Caz and El Nino. Burhan Ocal again plays the darbuka. Natacha Atlas's vocals are exceptional... So who is BURHAN OCAL?? He was born in Kirklareli, a town in Thrace. He was introduced to religious music by his mother and to percussion by his father. He also carries the influence of neo-classical Turkish music in his works. He is a master of many different drums; such as darbuka, kos (kettledrum), kudum and bendir. Except these he can also play Turkish stringed instruments such as divan-saz,tanbur and oud. His first recording with Istanbul Oriental Ensemble "Gypsy Rum" won the 1995 German Record Critics Award. The second album "Sultan's Secret Door" won the same award in 1997. Öçal's solo disc of Turkish classical music of the 17th century titled "Ottoman Garden" received the 1996 Prix Choc award. Some of the tracks in this album are real old and famous Turkish classical songs but they are interpreted here in a jazz form. The poetry in the track called "Gene Gel" is from Mawlana Jalaud-din Rumi. This album was released first in Turkey about 3 years ago. Unfortunately this global release is a bit late. Ocal also released a new album in Turkey called "SULTAN OSMAN". This album is also exceptionally good. An ethno-techno album with Pete Namlook. Groove Alla Turca presents soulful, Oriental raps by the Egyptian pop singer Natasha Atlas. A must for Ocal fans!!!!!! - by Ali S. Erdogan,

Artist: Burhan Öcal & Jamaaladeen Tacuma
Album: Groove Alla Turca
Year: 1999
Label: Doublemoon
Runtime: 66:16

1.  Nihavend Longa (Anonymous/Burhan Öcal) 6:45
2.  Habibi (Burhan Öcal) 5:39
3.  Groove Alla Turca (Burhan Öcal/Jamaaladeen Tacuma) 5:27
4.  Elhamdulillah (Jamaaladeen Tacuma) 8:01
5.  El Nino (Burhan Öcal) 4:46
6.  Two By Two (Burhan Öcal) 5:24
7.  Kismet (Jamaaladeen Tacuma) 9:05
8.  I Can Feel It (Jamaaladeen Tacuma) 0:31
9.  Katibim (Anonymous/Burhan Öcal) 6:11
10.  Saz Caz (Burhan Öcal/Jamaaladeen Tacuma) 8:53
11.  Gene Gel (Burhan Öcal) 5:13
12.  Later for Now (Burhan Öcal) 0:16

Burhan Öcal (Percussion, Vocals, Saz, Tambourine)
Jamaaladen Tacuma (Bass Guitar)
Natacha Atlas (Vocals) - 2,5,8,11
Songül Aktürk (Vocals) - 7,9
Miles Griffith (Rap) - 3,7,9
Jack Walrath (Trumpet)
Art Baron (Trombone)
Daryl Burge (Trap Drums)
Rick Iannacone (Guitar)
Ben Schachter (Alto and Tenor Saxophone, Flute)
Hüseyin Bitmez (Oud)
Ekrem Basi (Darbuka)
Ferdi Nadaz (Clarinet)
Fetih Tekyyaygil (Violin)
Sahin Sert (Kanun)
Arif Erdebil (Ney)
Salih Nazim Peker (Saz)



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