Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jimmy Scott - Over the Rainbow

There have been few 75-year-old vocalists working in any popular music style that sounded as good as Scott did on this session from late 2000, aided by contributions from top players like Joe Beck (guitar) and Grady Tate (drums). Scott loves those sentimental songs, and this set is full of standards in that vein, from the title track and "Pennies From Heaven" to "P.S. I Love You" (the Jenkins-Mercer composition, not the Beatles song) and "I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)." For the most part the arrangements are appropriately small-scale, letting Scott's voice hog the foreground and squeeze plenty of nuances from his sad vibrato. "Over the Rainbow" itself suffers from an excessive wash of vibes, but fortunately that's not typical of most of the set, which just does toe the right side of gushing emotion. It is a refreshing change of pace, though, when a trace of somber darkness is introduced on the foreboding, doomy arrangement of "Strange Fruit," which benefits from a guest shot by David "Fathead" Newman on tenor sax. - by Richie Unterberger, AMG

Artist: "Little" Jimmy Scott
Album: Over the Rainbow
Year: 2000
Label: Milestone (2001)
Runtime: 56:29

1.  Pennies From Heaven (Johnny Burke/Arthur Johnston) 3:18
2.  Over The Rainbow (Harold Arlen/E.Y. Harburg) 3:48
3.  All Or Nothing At All (Arthur Altman/Jack Lawrence) 5:44
4.  Strange Fruit (Lewis Allan) 3:56
5.  Don't Take Your Love From Me (Henry Nemo) 5:27
6.  Just Friends (John Klenner/Sam M. Lewis) 5:35
7.  P.S. I Love You (Gordon Jenkins/Johnny Mercer) 4:49
8.  Everybody's Somebody's Fool (Ace Adams/Reginald Adams/Lionel Hampton) 4:34
9.  If You Only Knew (Rose Marie McCoy/Mendelsohn/Singleton) 3:19
10.  I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) (Duke Ellington/Paul Francis Webster) 5:00
11.  I'll Close My Eyes (Buddy Kaye/Billy Reid) 5:04
12.  When Did You Leave Heaven? (Walter Bullock/Richard Whiting) 5:50

Jimmy Scott (Vocals)
Joe Beck (Guitar, Alto Guitar, Acoustic Guitar) - 1-5,7,8,11
George Mraz (Double Bass) - 1,3-5,7,9,11
Grady Tate (Drums) - 1,3-5,7,9,11
Michael Kanan (Piano) - 3,9,10,12
Larry Willis (Piano) - 1,4,6
Joe Locke (Vibes) - 2,5,8,11
Gregoire Maret (Harmonica) - 6,9,11
Bob Kindred (Tenor Saxophone) - 1,7
Justin Robinson (Alto Saxophone) - 3
David "Fathead" Newman (Tenor Saxophone) - 4


  1. I LOVE this man. I saw him live in Montreal and that was one of the most amazing concerts I've attended. He's god! Thanks for the share. If you have others JS...

  2. Hi, the link to shortText appears to be dead. If you have the time or the motivation, would you please provide another? Thanks! And thanks for all the work you put into this great music blog!



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