Sunday, December 4, 2011

Anouar Brahem - Barzakh

This starkly beautiful collection of 13 tracks by Tunisian composer Anouar Brahem is his debut release for the ECM label. The album spotlights Brahem's solo oud pieces, which range from the meditative ("Sadir") to the propulsive ("Ronda"). This solo work is nicely augmented by stellar contributions from violinist Bechir Selmi and percussionist Lassad Hosni; Selmi is featured on the transcendent "Barzakh," while Hosni figures prominently on "Souga" and "Bou Naouara." The three musicians come together for the joyous dance number "Parfum de Gitane." Throughout Barzakh, Brahem and the others forge an appealing mix of Middle Eastern sonorities and jazz phrasing, an intimate sound perfectly suited to the clean and spacious ECM recording style. This is a great title for fans of both international music and jazz. - by Stephen Cook, AMG

Artist: Anouar Brahem
Album: Barzakh
Year: 1990
Label: ECM (1991)
Runtime: 57:47

1.  Raf Raf (Anouar Brahem) 3:41
2.  Barzakh (Anouar Brahem/Bechir Selmi) 11:09
3.  Sadir (Anouar Brahem) 6:40
4.  Ronda (Anouar Brahem) 3:15
5.  Hou (Anouar Brahem) 1:41
6.  Sarandib (Anouar Brahem) 2:54
7.  Souga (Lassad Hosni) 2:14
8.  Parfum de Gitane (Anouar Brahem) 4:21
9.  Bou Naouara (Lassad Hosni) 2:27
10.  Kerkenah (Anouar Brahem) 7:37
11.  La Nuit Des Yeux (Anouar Brahem) 5:36
12.  Le Belvedere Assienge (Anouar Brahem) 4:21
13.  Qaf (Anouar Brahem) 1:45

Anouar Brahem (Oud)
Bechir Selmi (Violin)
Lassad Hosni (Percussion)


  1. not familiar with this composer which makes it all the more exciting. Thank you!



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