Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TJ Rehmi - Mera Therapy

TJ Rehmi (aka Jav Rehmi) is one of UK’s most creative and innovative musicians.
A critically acclaimed but reclusive artist who has often shunned the limelight, Rehmi’s unique style of music has inspired and influenced countless musicians, DJs and discerning fans around the world.
As a guitarist, composer and producer, he has been a pioneering figure who, from the early 1990’s in the UK, experimented with Asian influenced sounds that were later to become part of the international ‘Asian Underground’ movement. His work includes recording and performing as a session guitarist, producing experimental solo albums, performing as a DJ, remixing, collaboration work, co-writing and studio production. During the early 80’s, Rehmi studied and played guitar with local funk, rock and reggae bands before joining Saxophonist Andy Hamilton’s Jazz band as a rhythm guitarist. A few thousand chops later and with guitar in hand, Rehmi explored the burgeoning bhangra scene as a session player and soon was in high demand. Session after session, Rehmi became interested in recording and started producing and arranging for some of UK’s top bhangra bands from the mid ‘80s to the early ‘90s. Touring with these bands also gave Rehmi the opportunity of visiting other countries such as America, Canada, Germany, Holland, Denmark, France and Dubai, providing an ever-growing musical fodder. During the early 90’s, Rehmi went back into education to study Education and Music at Birmingham City University/Birmingham Conservatoire where he had the opportunity to study composition and play guitar with Indo Jazz fusion composer John Mayer. After a short time in the teaching profession, Rehmi went back into music full time and became heavily involved in studio recording. He began to incorporate all of the sounds, rhythms, and styles he heard into his own music and found himself getting more and more into technology. Progressing from tape machines to computers, he eventually built his own studio, the Mood N Bass Lab.- from Rehmi's Facebook profile

Artist: TJ Rehmi
Album: Mera Therapy
Year: 1999
Label: Nation
Runtime: 64:26

1.  Mera Therapy 5:30 
2.  Stepping Stones 5:23 
3.  Dil Mai Durad 4:38 
4.  Levitate 5:05 
5.  Reflection : mishra dub 5 6:41 
6.  Zindagi 5:27 
7.  Interzaar 5:45 
8.  Fear is the Enemy 4:28 
9.  A Path with a heart 5:09 
10.  Nothing Spoken 4:47 
11.  Zindagi : the other version 6:00 
12.  Herbal Therapy 5:29 
All compositions by TJ Rehmi

TJ Rehmi (Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Sitarguitar, Keyboards, Mixing, Programming)
S Man X (Tabla, Dholki)
Pali S Neer (Percussion)
Ustaad Dilbahar (Vocals) - 3
Ashwani (Vocals) - 8
Sona Sam Pal (Shenai)
Hari C Deeh (Flute)
Mustafa A (Sarangi)


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