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Grencso Collective - Seven Songs to the Last Mohicans

Istvan Grencso (soprano and alto saxophone, flute and other wind instruments) was born in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary, in 1956. After his early Masina Jazz Group (1979) he played in Budapest with various formations of Mihaly Dresch and Gyorgy Szabados. In 1985 he formed Grencso Kollektiva, which is still his main activity, based on a regular rotation of musicians. His music is always strongly attached to the culture and traditions of Eastern-Middle-Europe, from these inspirations he developed his own style. In Hungary he is generally considered one of the strongest personalities of the "local school", that stream of Hungarian jazz and improvised music, which instead of imitating the Western mainstream, is dedicated to the creation of local values.- from

Artist: Grencsó Kollektíva
Album: Seven Songs to the Last Mohicans
Year: 2000
Label: Bahia
Total time: 46:02

1.  First Song, Part One 3:20 
2.  First Song, Part Two 3:29 
3.  Second Song, Part One 3:18 
4.  Second Song, Part Two 3:54 
5.  Third Song 7:43 
6.  Fourth Song 5:50 
7.  Fifth Song 3:46 
8.  Sixth Song, Part One 4:13 
9.  Sixth Song, Part Two 5:16 
10.  Seventh Song, Part One 2:28 
11.  Seventh Song, Part Two 2:36 
All compositions - by Istvan Grencso and Collective

Istvan Grencso (Tenor and Soprano Saxophone, Accordion, Whistle)
Robert Benko (Double Bass, Violoncello)
Gyorgy Jeszenszky (Drums)
Gabi Kenderesi (Vocals)
Csaba Hajnóczy (Guitar)
Csaba Gyulai (Vocals)
Andras Koncz (Vocals)
Zoltan Mizsei (Vocals)
DJ Mango (Loops)
DJ Shuriken (Loops)



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