Friday, October 7, 2011

Vinicius Cantuária - Sol Na Cara

This is a great pop release with good compositions and performances, very respectful to the Brazilian music-rich tradition (as evidenced by the melody of "Samba Da Estrela," clearly inspired by Ari Barroso's "Baixa Do Sapateiro"). Vinícius Cantuária, for some decades (since O Terço, in the '70s) active in Brazilian pop music, performs (co-produced with Arto Lindsay) his own compositions with respectable partners such as Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque, and Ryuichi Sakamoto (his only accompanist in the entire album). Cantuaria carefully avoids the traps of an easy appropriation of Brazilian music elements condemned to be to mere exotic ornaments for commercial clichés, as it is the pop mainstream in Brazil today. His subtle interpretation and compositions clearly spell B-R-A-S-I-L, not as some old, stuffed tradition, but as a celebration of a strong and living culture that can coexist side by side with other world cultures. There are lots of low-profile synthesizer effects in the background, which seem to represent a "modernizing" intention; it doesn't add to the artistic result, but that's a minor complaint. The album is worth it. - by Alvaro Neder, AMG

Artist: Vinicius Cantuária
Album: Sol Na Caea
Year: 1996
Label: Gramavision
Runtime: 38:41

1.  Sem Pisar No Chão (Without Touching the Ground) (Vinicius Cantuária/Caetano Veloso) 3:20
2.  Rio Negro (Black River) (Vinicius Cantuária/Caetano Veloso) 2:30
3.  Samba Da Estrela (Star Samba) (Vinicius Cantuária) 3:38
4.  Ludo Real (Royal Ludo) (Vinicius Cantuária/Chico Barque) 2:29
5.  Sutis Diferenças (Subtle Differences) (Vinicius Cantuária/Caetano Veloso) 3:51
6.  Este Seu Olhar (That Look You Wear) (Antonio Carlos Jobim) 3:21
7.  Sol Na Cara (The Sun on Your Face) (Vinicius Cantuária/Ryuchi Sakamoto) 2:30
8.  O Nome Dela (Her Name) (Vinicius Cantuária/Arto Lindsay) 3:26
9.  Corre Campo (Run Through the Field) (Vinicius Cantuária/Ryuchi Sakamoto) 3:13
10.  O Grande Lançe É Fazaer Romançe (The Thing to Do Is to Make Romance) (Vinicius Cantuária/Caetano Veloso) 3:47
11.  O Vento (The Wind) (Vinicius Cantuária) 2:41
12.  Labrea (Vinicius Cantuária) 3:51

Vinicius Cantuária (Vocals, Guitar and Percussion)
Ryuichi Sakamoto (Electronic Instruments, Sampling)
Jania Carvalho Austin (Bass) - 4
Michael Leonhart (Trumpet) - 6
Arto Lindsay (Acoustic Guitar) - 7


  1. Cantuaria is a true heir to the great bossa masters. He has elegantly and tastefully modernised the style, while avoiding the cliches too many modern singers fall into.
    Many thanks for the upgrade!



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