Monday, September 26, 2011

Kolinda - Ráolvasás (Incantation)

Kolinda plays complex folk music with diverse instrumentation and with medieval and Eastern influences. They lived in France for a time, and were produced by Hughes de Courson of the French folk group Malicorne. Kolinda disbanded in 1979, only to reform five years later. After playing as a group for 11 out of the past 16 years, with 7 albums under their belts, Kolinda is still relatively unknown in their native Hungary and virtually unheard of in North America.- from

Artist: Kolinda
Album: Ráolvasás (Incantation)
Year: 1997
Label: Fonó Records
Runtime: 51:59

1.  Hármasugrás (Skip in Threes) (Peter Dabasi) 3:48
2.  Szótlan Dallamok (Without Words) (Peter Dabasi) 4:34
3.  Ráolvasás (Incantation) (Peter Dabasi) 6:28
4.  Álom-tó (Dream Lake) (Peter Dabasi) 3:57
5.  Botladozva (Stumbling) (Peter Dabasi) 3:04
6.  Elégia (Elegy) (Peter Dabasi) 4:26
7.  Kötõdések (Affinities) (Lilla Varhelyi) 1:26
8.  Hétrõl hétre (Sevens) (Peter Dabasi) 3:15
9.  Négyszemközt (Face to Face) / Air az ötben (Air in Five) (Peter Dabasi) 6:45
10.  Tivadar - hommage á Jacob van Eyck (Gyorgy Robert) 2:37
11.  Vadorzó (The Poacher) (Peter Dabasi) 3:55
12.  Románc (Romance) (Peter Dabasi) 4:00
13.  Coda (Peter Dabasi) 2:10
14.  Újra együtt (Together Again) (Traditional) 1:29

Peter Dabasi (Viloncello, Gadulka, Kaval and Vocals)
Dora Kovats (Violin, Flute and Vocals)
Peter Koszegi (Double Bass)
Gyorgy Robert (Flute, Recorder, Oboa)
Lilla Varhelyi (Violin, Bass Violin, Gadul, Vocals)
Jozsef Szeki (Percussion)


  1. So glad you're exposing them to North America via your blogspot! Thanks.



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