Thursday, August 25, 2011

Randy Weston - Saga

Saga is a recording of high energy and creativity. Adding yet another chapter to his ever-evolving story, of the music Randy takes a different turn on this recording. Saga is a vibrant celebration of life. In the Saga Wolof language, according to Randy, Saga means coming together "or coming home." It's celebratory spirit is, in part, due to the rich excitement created the week before by Randy and some of the African Rhythms musicians in Toronto, Canada, where Randy played for a week at the Top 'O the senator jazz club. Due to the great enthusiasm and eager anticipation shown by Randy Weston’s fans, and also to the Adept. Successful media blitz created and perpetuated by Michael Ikeda, Randy was very well-received in Toronto in April 1994. It was also the week of his birthday when he became a radiant, youthful 69 years young. The Toronto gig was more like a party to celebrate not only his birthday but another chapter to his unending story of the music and its African origins. However, although Randy didn't plan it that way, this gig also served as a warm-up for Randy and some of the musicians who participated on the recording session of Saga. The musical director for the recording, Talib Kibwe, percussionist Neil Clarke, bassist Alex Blake and Randy Weston all had the chance to capture that spirit of high energy that They continued to boost at the recording of Saga in New York at the hit factory studios before joining the rest of the cast of musicians : Billy Harper, saxophone, Billy Higgins, drums, and Benny Powell, trombone. - from Randy's website

Atrist: Randy Weston Africa Rhythms
Album: Saga
Year: 1995
Label: Gitanes Jazz
Total playing: 74:00

1.  The Beauty of it All 6:13 
2.  Loose Wig 7:15 
3.  Tangier Bay 8:42 
4.  F.E.W. Blues 6:41 
5.  Uncle Neemo 8:00 
6.  Lagos 4:17 
7.  A Night in Mbari 4:38 
8.  Saucer Eyes 6:35 
9.  The Three Pyramids and the Sphynx 6:11 
10.  Casbah Kids 2:55 
11.  Jahjuka 5:25 
12.  The Gathering 7:01 
All compositions - by Randy Weston

Randy Weston (Piano)
Billy Harper (Tenor Saxophone)
Benny Powell (Trombone)
Talib Kibwe (Alto Saxophone and Flute)
Alex Blake (Double Bass)
Billy Higgins (Drums)
Neil Clarke (Percussion)


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