Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lhasa - The Living Road

Everyone knows that when you release your debut album, consisting of an assortment of sophisticated and worldly numbers performed in Spanish, and that album goes on to make a far bigger splash worldwide than anyone expected, the only sensible course of action is away and join the circus? That's precisely what Lhasa de Sela did following the success of La Llorona: she joined with other members of her family, which always had a nomadic streak in it, and toured around Europe as part of a circus. Upon her return, she got to work on The Living Road, an album about travel, whether it be wheels upon the road, or through life itself. It's hard to say whether the experience of life on the road was the catalyst for the broadening of the writing this time out; there are songs in Spanish, French, and English this time out, but all three are languages that Lhasa was immersed in beforehand. Musically, it's a natural follow-up to La Llorona, drawing from many of the same traditional styles and blending them with more modern instrumentation into a very seamless, sophisticated, and sensual mélange, one that thankfully never tips over into the pretentious, condescending, or hokey. And then, of course, there's the real star of the show: Lhasa's voice, which is never short of gorgeous throughout. It's a fantastic follow-up release; hopefully, it won't mean another five-year wait while she hides out under the big top. - by Sean Carruthers, AMG

Artist: Lhasa de Sela
Album: The Living Road
Year: 2003
Label: Les Disques Audiogramme
Runtime: 49:47


1.  Con toda palabra (Lhasa de Sela/Yves Desrosiers/Vincent Segal) 4:30
2.  La marée haute (Lhasa de Sela/Riad Malek) 3:24
3.  Anywhere On This Road (Lhasa de Sela) 4:37
4.  Abro la ventana (Yves Desrosiers) 4:03
5.  J'arrive a la ville (Lhasa de Sela) 5:58
6.  La frontera (Lhasa de Sela) 3:02
7.  La confession (Lhasa de Sela/Yves Desrosiers/Didier Dumoutier) 3:45
8.  Small Song (Lhasa de Sela) 2:26
9.  My Name (Lhasa de Sela/Jerome Lapierre/Vincent Segal) 4:17
10.  Pa' llegar a tu lado (Lhasa de Sela) 4:32
11.  Para el fin del mundo o el ano nuevo (Lhasa de Sela) 4:23
12.  Soon This Space Will Be Too Small (Lhasa de Sela) 4:45

Lhasa de Sela (Vocals)
Jean Massicotte (Keyboards, Theremin, Guitar)
Francois Lalonde (Vibraphone, Percussion, Marimba, Glockenspiel, Bass Guitar)
Mario Légaré (Bass Guitar, Double Bass)
Rick Haworth (Steel Guitar, Guitar)
Sheila Hannigan (Violoncello)
Marie-Soleil Bélanger (Violoncello)
Ibrahim Maalouf (Trumpet)
Jean-Denis Levasseur (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Ukulele)
Claude Fradette (Steel Guitar) - 1,4
Olivier Langevin (Guitar) - 3
Juan José Carranza (Guitar) - 6
Christophe Papadimitriou (Double Bass) - 2
Gilles Brisebois (Bass Guitar) - 1
Bernard Falaise (Guitar) - 12


  1. But don't you know that girl is dead!?
    Or did I read too fast?

  2. Unfortunately, Llasa died of cancer in Montreal last year. An amazing singer! Thanks a billion for your great post.

  3. Thanks a lot
    It is the only place in internet in FLAC quality...
    RIP dearest Lhasa

  4. Awesome, thank you! I heard 'J'arrive à la ville' on the radio and I fell in love instantly with this voice. Bye bye from Italy. Fran



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