Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jimmy McPartland - That Happy Dixieland Jazz

Jimmy McPartland and several old friends are clearly having the time of their lives during this pair of 1959 studio sessions made for RCA. Dick Cary's swinging arrangements are imaginative yet leave room for plenty of spirited solos by everyone. "High Society" features not one but two clarinets, played by Bob Wilber and Ernie Caceres (the former doubles on tenor sax, the latter on baritone sax). McPartland plays hot cornet throughout the disc, complemented by trumpeter Charlie Shavers; both men share the vocals during the inevitable rendition of "When the Saints Go Marching In." The band also includes Cary (on piano, alto horn, and trumpet), trombonist Cutty Cutshall, guitarist George Barnes, tuba player Harvey Phillips, and bassist Joe Burriesce. This very well-recorded date still sounds great decades later, and will satisfy anyone who enjoys the Chicago style of Dixieland jazz. - by Ken Dryden, AMG

Artist: Jimmy McPartland and His Dixielanders
Album: That Happy Dixieland Jazz
Year: 1959
Label: BMG (1994)
Runtime: 35:09

1.  High Society (Ray Gilbert/Kid Ory) 2:59
2.  That's a Plenty (Ben Pollack) 4:40
3.  Way Down Under In New Orleans (Henry Creamer/Turner Layton) 3:16
4.  Muskrat Ramble (Ray Gilbert/Kid Ory) 2:58
5.  When The Saints Go Marching In (Traditional) 4:23
6.  Darktown Strutter's Ball (Shelton Brooks) 2:48
7.  Original Dixieland One-Step (Nick LaRocca) 3:48
8.  Fidgety Feet (Eddie Edwards/Nick LaRocca/Henry Ragas/Tony Sbarbaro/Larry Shields) 3:36
9.  South Rampart Street Parade (Ray Bauduc/Bob Haggart) 3:11
10.  Farewell Blues (Joseph Mares/Leon Roppolo/Elmer Schoebel) 3:26

Jimmy McPartland (Cornet and Vocals)
Charlie Shavers (Trumpet and Vocals)
Cutty Cutshall (Trombone)
Bob Wilber (Clarinet and Tenor Saxophone)
Ernie Caceres (Clarinet and Baritone Saxophone)
Dick Cary (Alto Horn, Trumpet, Piano and Accordion)
George Barnes (Guitar)
Harvey Phillips (Tuba)
Joe Burriesce (Bass)
George Wettling (Drums)



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