Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dolores Keane - Night Owl

Like Ralph Stanley and June Tabor, Dolores Keane is one of those rare singers whose voices mellow and improve rather than weaken with age. Also like June Tabor (though not like Ralph Stanley), she has broadened her stylistic range and her performing repertoire in recent years, still focusing on the traditional music of her native Ireland but also exploring themes from other cultures and tunes by modern songwriters. Night Owl opens on a somber note, with a despairing song apparently about the Northern Irish Troubles, and the mood is scarcely lightened at any point thereafter; there is a gorgeous rendition of the mournful "Wind that Shakes the Barley," one lament, two back-to-back farewells, a lover's plea, a tale of mass martyrdom, and a song inspired by the street urchins of Sao Paolo. By all rights this should be a terribly depressing album. But Keane's singing is such a joy, and the instrumental accompaniment so well arranged and expertly played, that every moment is a pleasure, if a bittersweet one. This is one of those albums you'll find yourself giving to friends as gifts. - by Rick Anderson, AMG

I am very, very pleased with this cd and was extremely happy to find that it was available. Dolores has a wonderful voice that is deep and earthy and yet remarkably smooth and enjoyable. Her delivery has just the right emotional intensity for the many traditional and contemporary songs covered on the cd. When my wife first heard me play Night Owl she remarked, " this really sounds good."
I highly recommend the cd to anyone who enjoys traditional/folk music. Dolores just gets better and better and the instrumental work is top notch, adding to the overall effect instead of detracting, like on some other recent cds such as Emmylou Harris's Red Dirt Girl. - by a Customer, Amazon.com

Artist: Dolores Keane
Album: Night Owl
Year: 1997
Label: Kirkelig
Runtime: 52:57

1.  Dangerous Dance (Peter O'Hanlon) 4:12
2.  The Wind That Shakes The Barley (Traditional/Robert Dwyer Joyce) 4:18
3.  New Deal (John Faulkner) 2:56
4.  The Banks Of The Nile (Traditional) 4:04
5.  Dunlavin Green (Traditional) 5:11
6.  Ballyroan (Chris Andretti/Thomas Hodge) 4:47
7.  Aileen's Lament (John Faulkner/Gavin Povey) 5:37
8.  Fare Thee Well A Stór (Paraigin ni Uallachain) 4:06
9.  The Forger's Farewell (Traditional) 4:37
10.  José (John Faulkner/Gavin Povey) 5:28
11.  Make Me Want To Stay (Tommy Sands) 3:53
12.  The Night Owl (Homeward Turns) (Steve Tilston) 3:42

Dolores Keane (Vocals)
John Faulkner (Guitar, Backing Vocals) - 1-11
Gavin Povey (Piano and Keyboards, Harmonium) - 1,2,4-8,10-12
Fergus Feely (Mandola) - 1-3,5,8,10,11
Eoin O'Riabhaigh (Uillean Pipes, Whistle) - 1-4,6,7
Ruth Dillon (Backing Vocals) - 1,8,10,11
Liam Bradley (Backing Vocals, Percussion) - 1-5,10,11
Paul Moore (Double Bass) - 1-3,5,8,10,11
Vedran Smailovic (Cello) - 1,10,11
Alec Finn (Boizouki) - 4
Dessie Wilkinson (Bamboo Flute) - 12


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