Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sadao Watanabe - Sadao 2000

Making this new recording with Richard Bona, at the beginning of the year 2000, has been a blessing. It is my 61st album since 1961 and I have never before been so impressed with an artist's ease and natural ability creating music, as I've been witnessing Bona's work in this session. I have been searching for this kind of universal sound and rhythm since I first visited Africa in 1972. Bona is someone who we can truly call GIFTED. Thank you, Bona. - by Sadao Watanabe

Richard Bona and Sadao Watanabe make a great musical team. This is the first of two recorded collaborations (so far). Watanabe is a very melodic improviser with the song always first and foremost. Bona is an outstanding bassist, singer, and writer in his own right. However, many of the songs on this effort fail to really catch fire. Both the playing and production is a little "safe" and close to smooth jazz for my taste. That being said, the faster tempoed songs that utilize Bona's singing and afro-jazz bass playing come across very well. They expanded on this approach for the utterly outstanding "Wheel of Life" CD. That one is essential for fans of Sadao Watanabe and/or Richard Bona. - by It's Me, Really, Amzon.com

Artist: Sadao Watanabe
Album: Sadao 2000
Year: 2000
Label: Verve
Runtime: 46:54

1.  Matahari Terbenam (Sunrise) (Sadao Watanabe) 2:15
2.  Te Misseya (Richard Bona) 5:08
3.  Sa So Ngando (Step in and Dance) (Sadao Watanabe) 6:18
4.  I Thought of You (Sadao Watanabe) 6:25
5.  Nostalgia (Sadao Watanabe) 5:04
6.  Hana no Shima (Richard Bona) 3:29
7.  Life is All Like That (For Snoopy & His Friends) (Sadao Watanabe) 5:09
8.  Back Yard Suite (Sadao Watanabe) 5:19
9.  One in the Same (Sadao Watanabe/Richard Bona) 4:44
10.  Por Toda a Minha Vida (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Vinicius De Moraes) 2:59

Sadao Watanabe (Alto, Sopranino Saxophone)
Richard Bona (Bass Guitar, Percussion, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar) - 1-9
George Whitty (Piano, Keyboards)
Jonathan Joseph (Drums) - 1-9
Mike Stern (Guitar) - 7
Café (Surdo) - 9



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