Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oscar Peterson - Meets Roy Hargrove and Ralph Moore

Ne-o-clas-si-cism: A revival of classical aesthetics and forms, especially, characterized by a regard for the classical ideals of reason, form, and restraint, by order, symmetry, and simplicity of style. Neo-classicism and Roy Hargrove have become synonymous in jazz circles. His style and focus are now completely his own. Roy possesses a hard driving spirit to excel. Volumes have been written about the virtuosity of Oscar Peterson, his competitive spirit and drive. Together you have the makings of an exciting jam session that's well worth the price of admission. In this case the cost of the CD, that finds these two jazz poets working with a strong cast of players including Peterson's long time associate, Neils-Henning Orsted Pedersen on bass.In 1993, Oscar Peterson suffered a stroke that limited the use of his left hand, though there is little evidence to prove that poses a problem on this recording. The CD includes seven original compositions written by Oscar Peterson. "Rob Roy" written for Roy Hargove and "She Has Gone" written in memory of Ella Fitzgerald are captivating. I especially enjoy "Ecstasy," where an introspective emotional reading is heard from Peterson, Hargrove and Moore. This quintet setting gives all the players ample room to stretch and have fun. This CD is highly recommended listening pleasure. - by Jeff Duperon, All About

Artist: Oscar Peterson
Album: Oscar Peterson Meets Roy Hargrove and Ralph Moore
Year: 1996
Label: Telarc Jazz (20-bit digital)
Runtime: 61:34

1.  Tin Tin Deo (Walter Fuller) 5:48
2.  Rob Roy (Oscar Peterson) 6:46
3.  Blues For Stephane (Oscar Peterson) 4:58
4.  My Foolish Heart (Ned Washington/Victor Young) 7:40
5.  Cool Walk (Oscar Peterson) 7:21
6.  Ecstasy (Oscar Peterson) 6:35
7.  Just Friends (Samuel M. Lewis) 5:52
8.  Truffles (Oscar Peterson) 6:30
9.  She Has Gone (Oscar Peterson) 5:36
10.  North York (Oscar Peterson) 4:28

Oscar Peterson (Piano)
Niels Henning Oersted-Pedersen (Double Bass)
Lewis Nash (Drums)
Roy Hargrove (Trumpet)
Ralph Moore (Tenor Saxophone)

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