Thursday, July 14, 2011

John Patton - Boogaloo

Rare work by Hammond organ giant Big John Patton -- recorded in 1968, but never issued until 1995, and even then, only briefly! The record features Patton at his finest -- stretching out from his basic soul jazz roots, into a more searching use of the organ that's undoubtedly influenced by Larry Young's work at the same time. The record features great work by Harold Alexander on flute and tenor, plus trumpet by Vincent McEwan, drums by George Brown, and added conga by Richard Landrum. The groove is somewhere between 60s soul jazz and modal -- and the tracks are long, with that heavy Patton swing! Title sinclude "B&J", "Boogaloo Boogie", "Milk & Honey", "Shoutin But No Poutin", and "Spirit". - from

The main reason to purchase this previously unissued set from the declining years of Blue Note is not for the trivial rhythmic themes (which use fairly basic chord sequences) or even the solos of organist John Patton (who never does escape entirely from the shadow of Jimmy Smith) but for the somewhat out-of-place avant-garde outbursts by Harold Alexander (on tenor and flute) who often takes improvisations that go completely outside; his squeals on "Boogaloo Boogie" are a real surprise and he may very well be the reason that this music was not put out at the time. Otherwise this is a routine and now-dated set of commercial late-'60s jazz/funk. - by Scott Yanow, AMG

Artist: John Patton
Album: Boogaloo
Year: 1968
Label: Blue Note (1995)
Total time: 41:39

1.  Boogaloo Boogie (John Patton) 5:25
2.  Milk & Honey (John Patton) 8:20
3.  Barefootin' (Robert Parker) 7:07
4.  Shoutin' But No Puotin' (John Patton) 7:43
5.  Spirit (John Patton) 5:52
6.  B&J (Two Sisters) (John Patton) 7:12

John Patton (Organ)
Vincent McEwan (Trumpet)
Harold Alexander (Flute and Tenor Saxophone)
George Edward Brown (Drums)
Richie Landrum (Conga)



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