Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jai Uttal - Monkey

On Monkey, young Jai Uttal continued to fuse Indian spiritual music and American pop with generally pleasing results. Once again, he demonstrates his mastery of acoustic Indian instruments like the harmonium and the dotar while using electronic synthesizers in a very human and soulful fashion. Though some of the material bears some resemblance to secular Indian pop of the '90s, which also unites synthesizers and traditional instruments, Uttal's overall approach is far from secular. While Uttal's own songs (both instrumental and with vocals) are dominant, "Govinda" is a moving version of the time-honored Hindu prayer. Jazz improviser Peter Apfelbaum is heard on both tenor sax and drums, and a fair amount of jazz influence asserts itself on "The Hooded Serpent" and the title song. - by Alex Henderson, AMG

I was in a restaurant in Santa Fe and became aware of a strange sound coming from the sound system... that sound of Jai Uttal. I immediately purchased the album and have since purchased all that have been released by Uttal. I'm amazed at his blending of East and West sounds. But most of all, I enjoy the heart-opening sounds produced by the Pagan Love Orchestra. Buy every album! You won't regret it! - by Doug Lee,

Artist: Jai Uttal
Album: Monkey
Year: 1992
Label: Triloka
Runtime: 62:22

1.  Monkey (Jai Uttal) 7:34
2.  Soldiers (Jai Uttal/Batteau) 4:49
3.  The Hooded Serpent (Jai Uttal) 6:36
4.  I Won't Ask For More (Jai Uttal/Kagel/Bruce Linde) 5:14
5.  Govinda (Traditional) 5:11
6.  Ayodhya (Court of the King) (Jai Uttal) 7:25
7.  A Distant Episode (Jai Uttal) 6:01
8.  Heaven, part 1&2 (Jai Uttal/Bruce Linde) 6:21
9.  Petition To Ram (Jai Uttal) 7:03
10.  Watching The Signs (Jai Uttal) 6:02

Jai Uttal (Dotar, Harmonium, Kartals, Gubgubbi, Sampling, Vocals, Gopichand, Guitar Synthesizer, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Mandolin, Sarod)
Will Bernard (Electric Guitar, Sampling, Mandolin) - 1-6,8-10
Bruce Linde (Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Sampling) - 1,3,5,6,8,9
Peck Allmond (Cornet, Soprano Saxophone, Trumpet,) - 1,3-7,10
Steve Gorn (Bansuri, ) - 1,2,6,9,10
Peter Apfelbaum (Drums and Percussion, Tenor Saxophone) - 1,3,5-8
Geoffrey Gordon (Dholak, Dumbek, Frame Drum, Bongo) - 1,2,4-10
Daniel Paul Karp (Tabla) - 1-3,6,7,9,10
Rob Vlack (Piano, Hammond Organ, Accordian, Synthesizer) - 3,5,8,9
Charlie Burnham (Violin) - 2,9
Tanya Lynn (Backing Vocals) - 2,6
Tom Brechtlein (Drums) - 2
Mala Ganguly (Vocals) - 5


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