Saturday, July 16, 2011

Didier Lockwood & Raghunath Manet - Omkara

In this live performance, French violinist Didier Lockwood teams up with Raghunath Manet, an Indian-born master of the veena (a sitar-like stringed instrument). Together with Murugan on Indian percussion, Lockwood and Manet make eclectic music somewhat similar to that of John McLaughlin's Shakti. In addition, listeners are told that Manet, when not playing veena, improvised dance movements to the music. Listeners can't see this, of course -- pity that the CD doesn't come with enhanced video. Soprano Caroline Casadesus sings on the title track, but this isn't the only vocal performance: Indian rhythmic chanting is heard on many of the tracks, although no one is credited for it. Presumably listeners are hearing Manet and Murugan at various junctures, giving the music a fervent, emotional quality. Lockwood, in addition to his mournful violin, plays a bit of flute and trumpet. - by David R. Adler, AMG

Artist: Didier Lockwood & Raghunath Manet
Album: Omkara
Year: 2001

Label: Dreyfus Jazz
Total playing: 53:49

1.  First Blow 2:34
2.  Di mi ta 2:03
3.  Burst of Spring 3:12
4.  Black Flute 4:57
5.  Barbizon Ragas 16:06
6.  An Indian in Dublin 4:42
7.  Golden Eagle Dance 7:09
8.  Omkara 4:28
9.  Hymn 0:49
10.  Last Wind 7:49
All compositions - by Didier Lockwood & Raghunath Manet

Didier Lockwood (Violin, Keyboards and Trumpet)
Raghunath Manet (Veena)
Caroline Casadeus (Vocal)
Murugan (Indian Percussion)


  1. In the training of percussionists, in both the Hindustani and Carnatic traditions, it is standard practice to teach students to vocalize drum patterns as well as play them.



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