Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sonny Stitt - Featuring Howard McGhee

This Jazz Life CD combines together five selections from a quintet session featuring altoist Sonny Stitt, trumpeter Howard McGhee, pianist Walter Bishop, bassist Tommy Potter and drummer Kenny Clarke (three boppish blues and a Stitt feature on "Lover Man") with another five selections from a different Stitt-McGhee quintet featuring Junior Mance on piano, George Tucker on bass and Jimmy Cobb on drums. - Product info

Artist: Sonny Stitt
Album: Featuring Howard McGhee
Year: 1961, 1967
Label: Jazz Life
Runtime: 54:47

1.  Night Work (Howard McGhee) 7:26
2.  Matter Horns (J. Eigel/Jungfrau) 10:43
3.  Shades of Blue (Howard McGhee) 5:05
4.  Don't Blame Me (Dorothy Fields/Jimmy McHugh) 4:06
5.  Lover Man (Jimmy Davis/Jimmy Sherman/Roger Ramirez) 5:15
6.  Hello (Howard McGhee) 6:50
7.  The Sharp Edge (Howard McGhee) 5:56
8.  Cool (Howard McGhee) 2:55
9.  The Day After (Tom McIntosh) 2:06
10.  Topside (Howard McGhee) 4:21

Sonny Stitt (Alto Saxophone)
Howard McGhee (Trumpet)
Walter Bishop, Jr. (Piano) - 1,2,4-6
Tommy Potter (Double Bass) - 1,2,4-6
Kenny Clarke (Drums) - 1,2,4-6
Junior Mance (Piano) - 3,7-10
George Tucker (Double Bass) - 3,7-10
Jimmy Cobb (Drums) - 3,7-10


  1. Anything with Sonny Stitt, man! Yeah!
    (well, maybe not the Varitone stuff, but, y'know)

  2. Thanks for this itr, but I'm confused. According to my Black Lion CD entitled The Sharp Edge (A reissue of the LP 'Shades Of Blue' rec December, 1961) the tenor sax on 'Cool' and 'The Day After' is George Coleman not Stitt and there is no ts on the other dates with Mance, Tucker & Cobb, this is confirmed on the one McGhee discography I found online!!

    Which means this is a Howard McGhee album, Stitt appears on less than half the tracks 1,2, 5 & 6, track 4 has no ts - the 1967 date.

  3. Thnx itr - I wasn't aware of most of these files, and I'm a big fan of McGhee. Sad that his most productive years were spent in the joint. He never sounded quite the same after his release.

  4. How could they get it so wrong?
    Thanks for the info, grumpy; always good to here more Howard McGhee...



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