Saturday, June 18, 2011

Herbie Hancock - Secrets


Having long since established his funk credentials, Herbie Hancock continues the direction of Head Hunters and its U.S. successors here, welding himself to the groove on electric keyboards while Bennie Maupin again shines sardonic beams of light on a variety of reeds. In "Doin' It," the most successful track, Hancock makes a more overt bid for the dancefloor, for the tune is basically one long irresistible groove with a very commercial-sounding bridge. Again Hancock chooses to recompose one of his standards; "Cantelope [sic] Island" is almost unrecognizable converted into a sauntering, swaggering thing. A streamlining process has set in -- the drumming has been simplified, some of the old high-voltage drive has been muted -- yet there are still enough enjoyable, intelligently musical things happening here to hold a Hancock admirer's attention. - by Richard S. Ginell, AMG

Another big seller, exactly in the same mold as Man-Child but not nearly as good. There are lots of guitar/bass vamps ("Swamp Rat") and mellow stylings ("People Music"), but it's all obvious and uncatchy ("Doin' It," with some simplistic vocals). The remake of "Canteloupe Island" exemplifies the project: a classic jazz composition diluted into a mediocre, repetitive funk tune. And for all the synth tracks, there's almost nothing novel or interesting going on, just lots of whooshing and bleating... The rhythm section sets the table, but there's nothing to eat. Hancock does switch to piano long enough to deliver a brilliant solo on Bennie Maupin's otherwise lackluster "Sansho Shima." The band is largely unchanged, but Ray Parker Jr. is on guitar and James Levi's on drums. - from

Artist: Herbie Hancock
Album: Secrets
Year: 1976
Label: Columbia/Sony (1988)
Runtime: 48:01

1.  Doin' It (Herbie Hancock/Ray Parker, Jr./Melvin Ragin) 8:03
2.  People Music (Herbie Hancock/Ray Parker, Jr./Melvin Ragin) 7:10
3.  Cantelope Island (Herbie Hancock) 7:06
4.  Spider (Herbie Hancock/Melvin Ragin/Paul Jackson) 7:20
5.  Gentle Thoughts (Herbie Hancock/Melvin Ragin) 7:04
6.  Swamp Rat (Herbie Hancock/Melvin Ragin/Paul Jackson) 6:25
7.  Sonsho Shima (Bennie Maupin) 4:49

Herbie Hancock (Keyborads)
Bennie Maupin (Soprano and Tenor Saxophone, Saxello, Lyricon and Bass Clarinet)
Wah Wah Watson (Guitar, Synthesizer, Bass Guitar and Vocals)
Ray Parker (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
James Levi (Drums)
Paul Jackson (Bass)
Kenneth Nash (Percussion)
James Gadson (Drums and Backing Vocals) - 1
Art Baldacci (Backing Vocals) - 1
Fred Dobbs (Backing Vocals) - 1
Don Kerr (Backing Vocals) - 1
Chris Mancini (Backing Vocals) - 1


  1. Heck! i got to thank you about this. it was hard to find. great work, keep it that way! let's see how is Hancock post head Hunters...
    Thanks again.



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