Friday, June 3, 2011

Goran Bregovic - Tales and Songs from Weddings and Funerals

This is the best work of Goran Bregovic in the last ten years. There are so many things to talk and explain about Balkan culture, but many cannot ever understand it, although they still live over there. Of course that is even harder for people who do not know and never lived there. One needs to know history of Balkan, its culture, tradition, folklores, people diversity, tradition etc. to be able to understand everything that Bregovic is trying to tell us. Bravo, Goran! This time you really did it. You've told us a story without ending, a story about love, life and death. You incorporated everything together: new sound and old sound, new songs and old songs, and that all is very beautiful. You proved once again what a great artist you are. - by Sanja Korman,

This unique album blends an array of folk songs, dances, gypsy celebration and Balkan rock. - product info

Artist: Goran Bregovic
Album: Tales and Songs from Weddings and Funerals
Year: 2002
Label: Mercury/Universal
Runtime: 54:47

1.  Hop Hop Hop 4:19 
2.  Tale I (Grave Disperato) 1:51 
3.  Aven Ivenda 3:53 
4.  Sex 4:29 
5.  Tale II (Adagio Poco Febrile) 1:56 
6.  Maki Maki 3:32 
7.  Tale III (Lento Arabesco) 2:36 
8.  So Nevo Si 3:54 
9.  Tale IV (Moderato Melancolico) 2:53 
10.  Cocktail Molotov 4:12 
11.  Tale V (Andante Amoroso) 5:06 
12.  Polizia Molto Arabbiata 3:43 
13.  Tale VI (Adagio Delicato) 4:46 
14.  Te Kuravle 5:04 
15.  Tale VII (Vivo Con Fuoco) 2:25 
All compositions by G. Bregovic

Goran Bregovic (Composer, Arranger)
Bokan Stankovic (Trumpet)
Dragan Celevski (Trumpet)
Nenad Mamutovic (Trumpet)
Ivica Mit (Clarinet)
Aleksandar Rajkovic (Baritone Saxophone)
Goran Odovic (Baritone Saxophone)
Ivan Jovanovic (Baritone Saxophone)
Dejan Manigodic (Tuba)
Ogi Radivojevic (Percussion)
Aleksandar Randljelovic (Glasses)
Zorc Grujic (Cow Horn)
Ljubica Sekujic (Harp)
Vesna Jovanovic (Violin)
Moma Stanojevic (Violin)
Saban Bajramovic (Vocals)
Vaska Jankovska (Vocals)
Zdravko Colic (Vocals)
Goran Demirovic (Vocals)

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