Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shirley Bassey - And I Love You So

The out of print 1972 CD from Shirley Bassey, And I Love You So, gets two additional bonus tracks on its 2000 re-release, and the more Bassey in the world the better. Her over the top rendition of pianist Jack Dieval's "The Way of Love" keeps the gender intact, as did Kathy Kirby and Cher on their respective hit versions, of a woman singing a song of heartbreak to another woman, only Bassey puts her trademark style on it bringing it into another realm. Chris White includes two lengthy pages of liner notes in the informative eight-page booklet which includes four lovely photos of the queen diva. Perry Como's hit version of the title track, "And I Love You So," a composition from the pen of Don McLean, might've kept this album from getting more exposure, but it is essential Shirley Bassey which her fan base is well aware of. She makes "Bless the Beasts and the Children" exotic while the Tom Evans and Pete Ham timeless classic, "Without You," gets a sort of Eartha Kitt as "Catwoman" reading, Bassey borrowing a bit but never copying. Johnny Harris forgoes the neo-Phil Spector production of Harry Nilsson's hit version to arrange, produce and conduct a special blend to fit Bassey's vocal stylings. The two Noel Rogers produced outtakes from the album sessions. Like many of the artist's releases, this is a real treasure and a true work of art. - by Joe Viglione, AMG

Artist: Shirley Bassey
Album: And I Love You So
Year: 1972
Label: EMI (2000)
Total time: 51:57

1. Someday (John Bettis/Richard Carpenter) 4:58
2.  Bless the Beasts and the Children (Perry Botkin, Jr./Barry de Vorzon) 3:08
3.  Jezahel (Ivano Fossanti/Oscar Prudente) 2:50
4.  And I Love You So (Don McLean) 4:31
5.  The Way of Love (Jack Dieval/Al Stillman) 2:38
6.  The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Ewan MacColl) 4:48
7.  Day by Day (Stephen Schwartz/John Michael Tebelack) 2:47
8.  Without You (Tom Evans/Pete Ham) 3:34
9.  Ballad of the Sad Young Men (Fran Landesman/Thomas Wolf) 5:29
10.  I Don't Know How to Love Him (Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice) 4:22
11.  I'd Do It All Again (Richard Ahlert/Leon Carr) 3:34
12.  If We Only Have Love (Eric Blau/Jacques Brel/Mort Shuman) 3:53
Bonus tracks:
13.  If I Should Love Again (Guistina/Norman Newell) 2:47
14.  Let Me Be the One (Roger Nichols/Paul Williams) 2:32

Shirley Bassey (Vocals)
Johnny Harris (Arranged and Conducted) - 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12
Arthur Greenslade (arranged and Conducted) - 1,2,11,13,14


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  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for the re-upload!!! This is an amazing record. Do you have Shirley's 1975 album "Good, Bad but beautiful" on FLAC?

    2. I don't have this music. Sorry.



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