Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Paul Motian Trio - Sound of Love

This live 1995 recording from New York's Village Vanguard club features drummer Paul Motian, guitarist Bill Frisell, and tenor saxophonist Joe Lovano turning in a stellar set of jazz covers and Motian originals (this is the same trio the drummer led in the late '80s and recorded high-profile tributes to Bill Evans, Thelonious Monk, and Tin Pan Alley with). As the premium sound quality of the recording makes clear, this trio had an almost telepathic rapport on stage, inspiring each other in both ensemble playing and solo flights. This kind of hand-in-glove chemistry is certainly due in part to the group's many stints on the road, but also comes from the individual player's complimentary styles: Frisell and Lovano (albeit less subtly) both dig into the structure of the songs, producing clever and dynamic statements, while Motian contains the proceedings with his steady, yet elastic time keeping and provocative accents. The covers here include extended readings of Monk's "Misterioso" and Charles Mingus' beautiful ballad "Duke Ellington's Sound of Love," in addition to a loose and bittersweet rendition of the jazz standard "Good Morning Heartache." Motian balances out the set with originals like the thorny, Latin rhythms-based "Mumbo Jumbo," the lightly swinging waltz number "Once Around the Park," and the dark-hewn, yet beguiling closer "Play." This is a great recording of some of the best jazz combo playing from the '80s to 2000. - by Stephen Cook, AMG

Artist: Paul Motian Trio
Album: Sound of Love
Year: 1995
Label: Winter & Winter (1997)
Runtime: 59:27

1.  Misterioso (Thelonious Monk) 13:27
2.  Duke Ellington's Sound Of Love (Charles Mingus) 9:13
3.  Mumbo Jumbo (Paul Motian) 7:31
4.  Once Around The Park (Paul Motian) 6:52
5.  Good Morning Heartache (Ervin Drake/Dan Fisher/Irene Higginbotham) 8:59
6.  Epistrophy (Kenny Clarke/Thelonious Monk) 7:15
7.  Play (Paul Motian) 6:07

Paul Motian (Drums)
Bill Frisell (Guitar)
Joe Lovano (Tenor Saxophone)


  1. one of "The Penguin guide to jazz recordings -
    Core collection" albums...

    i think first time i see it in lossless.

  2. A big thank you from me for this 'Core Collection' CD...

  3. I'm not familiar with Frisell (who leads me on this page) but after listening to the first few songs, I understand why his name if often spoken between guitarists. Motian does a great job too and it is pleasing to hear the interaction between those greats.

    Thank you very much for sharing this one !

  4. Links do no longer work, can you relocate and post again, please!?

  5. OK, links reloaded, they seem to work, sorry to bother.



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