Saturday, May 7, 2011

Laszlo Des & Elemer Balazs Quartet - Contemporary Gregorian

Contemporary Gregorian allies two different genres and originates a third one from a four member singer group and a free-style jazz-quartet. It mingles the music of the middle ages, the renaissance with the genres of the 21st century, the previous inspires the latter. We can find the plain chant Gregorian from the 7th century to the polyphonic organs of the 16th century and also the motettas of the renaissance. Jazz improvisations are answering and keeping the solos up. That mix gave birth for the Contemporary Gregorian. - Product info

Artist: Laszlo Des & Elemer Balazs Quartet and Voces4 Ensemble
Album: Contemporary Gregorian
Year: 2005
Label: Sony/BMG
Runtime: 53:39

1.  Te laudamus Domine (milánói ambrozián ének) 7:29 
2.  Tecum principium (milánói ambrozián ének) 8:10 
3.  Vidimus stellam (Magnus Liber Organi) 9:35 
4.  Costanzo Festa: Lamentatio prima 10:53 
5.  O Virgo splendens (Llibre vermell de Montserrat) 7:20 
6.  Thomas Stoltzer: Ave maris stella 6:41 
7.  Orlande de Lassus: Carmina chromatico 3:27 

Laszlo Des (Saxophones)
Jozsef Balazs (Piano)
Matyas Szandai (Double Bass)
Elemer Balazs (Drums)
Barnabas Hegyi (Contratenor)
Csaba Gyulai (Tenor)
Zoltan Mizsei (Baritone)
Andras Demjen (Bass)

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