Monday, May 2, 2011

Jai Uttal - Footprints

The jazz-oriented Triloka Records successfully entered the worldbeat realm with Jai Uttal's Footprints, a hauntingly tranquil CD that finds the student of Indian great Ali Akbar Khan combining Indian music with American pop. The largely instrumental Footprints isn't modern secular Indian pop, but rather, is best described as an early-'90s approach to traditional Indian spiritual music. Soulfully blending tradition and technology, Uttal lets loose on acoustic instruments like the dotar, the harmonium and katrals as well as electronic synthesizers. Uttal has inspired company in jazz trumpeter great Don Cherry (who is best known for his assocation with avant-garde innovator Ornette Coleman), vocalist Lakshimi Shankar, tabla player Daniel Paul Karp and bassist Jerry Watts. - by Alex Henderson, AMG

Artist: Jai Uttal
Album: Footprints
Year: 1990
Label: Triloka
Runtime: 54:24

1.  Footprints 4:06 
2.  Caravan 4:53 
3.  Andobar Island 4:17 
4.  Raghupati 10:57 
5.  Madzoub 7:03 
6.  Pahari 6:12 
7.  Snowview 4:50 
8.  Taking the Dust 2:31 
9.  Raghupati II 3:45 
10.  Bus Has Come 5:46 
All songs written by Jai Uttal

Jai Uttal (Dotar, Harmomium, Kartal, Chimta, Bells, Shakers, Ektar, Gopichand, Gubgubbi, Swaramandala, Guitar, Synthesizer, Samples and Vocals)
Daniel Paul Karp (Tabla)
Jerry Watts (Bass Guitar)
Don Cherry (Pocket Trumpet)
Lakshmi Shankar (Vocals)



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