Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tin-Tin Quartet - Confrontation

One of the best hungarian jazz world music band. They made this album in 1994. The sound of this ensemble turns back to the roots of oriental music, based on the scales of ragas, and Bulgarian-Turkish scale variations, so called makamas, as well as the tipical mood of the half-tone scales frequently used by Bartók. - Product info

Artist: Tin-Tin Quartet
Album: Confrontation
Year: 1994
Label: Ananda Sounds
Runtime: 71:42

1.  Winding in Spring (Gabor Juhasz) 13:19
2.  Pa-Pa-Hu (Szabolcs Szoke) 9:34
3.  Broken Lines (Andras Monori) 14:23
4.  Endless Ribbon (Szabolcs Szoke) 5:54
5.  Confrontation (Szabolcs Szoke) 11:01
6.  Ibi-Aba (Gabor Juhasz) 13:07
7.  Gagaku (Andras Monori) 3:54

Gergely Borlai (Percussion, Bells, Marimba)
Gabor Juhasz (Guitar, Anklung)
Andras Monori (Kaval, Nay, Sansa, Guitar)
Szabolcs Szoke (Gadulka, Kalimba)
Federico Sanesi (Tabla, Percussion) - 6

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