Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Glen Velez - Pan Eros

The New York Times says "A galaxy of timbres and inflections ... remarkable rhythmic fireworks." Five-time GRAMMY Award winner, Glen Velez is the founding Father of the modern Frame Drum movement and is regarded as a legendary figure among musicians and audiences world-wide. Velez brought a new genre of drumming to the contemporary music scene by creating his own performance style inspired by years of percussion and frame drumming studies from various cultures. Velez's virtuosic combinations of hand movements, finger techniques, along with his original compositional style, which incorporates stepping, drum language and Central Asian Overtone singing (split-tone singing), has undoubtedly opened new possibilities for musicians around the globe, resulting in a shift in modern percussion. - from Glen's website

Artist: Glen Velez
Album: Pan Eros
Year: 1992
Label: CMP (1993)
Runtime: 55:16

1.  Pan Eros (Glen Velez) 7:48
2.  Inner Smile (Glen Velez/Enzo Rao Camemi) 6:01
3.  Madrepora (Enzo Rao Camemi) 7:50
4.  Souk (Glen Velez) 5:29
5.  A Different World (Enzo Rao Camemi) 5:08
6.  Urban Medicine (Glen Velez) 7:56
7.  Gemini Rising (Glen Velez) 10:28
8.  Blue Herons (Glen Velez/Enzo Rao Camemi) 4:32 

Glen Velez (Bones, Tamborim, Bendir, Bodhran, Pandero, Buzz Sticks, Gaval, Steel Drum, Mbira, Mazhar, Shaker, Riq, Voice, Wood Drum, Frame Drum)
Gianni Gebia (Sopranino and Soprano Saxophone) - 1-6
Enzo Rao (Violin, Low Tuned Violin) - 1-6,8


  1. Thanks a lot. I recently found some tapes and I remembered the great master. So Thanks a lot for this one.



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