Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fred Jackson - Hootin' 'n Tootin'

Unjustly ignored at the time of its release, Fred Jackson's lone album, Hootin' 'N Tootin', is a thoroughly enjoyable set of funky soul-jazz with hard bop overtones. It is true that Jackson doesn't try anything new on the set, but he proves to be a capable leader, coaxing hot, infectious performances out of guitarist Willie Jones, organist Earl Vandyke and drummer Wilbert Hogan, all of whom were collegues of Jackson in the Lloyd Price band. All of the songs on the album are Jackson originals, and while there are no substantial, memorable melodies, they provide an excellent foundation for the group's smoking interplay. Both the uptempo R&B numbers and the slower blues give the musicians plenty of opportunity to flaunt their chops while working the groove, and the result is a modest but highly entertaining set of earthy, bluesy soul-jazz that should have been heard by a wider audience. Blue Note's 1998 CD reissue adds all of the material from the second and final session Jackson led. All seven tracks from that session are in the same soul-jazz vein and feature the same group, augmented by bassist Sam Jones. Their presence on the reissued Hootin' 'N Tootin' makes an already fine album even better. - by Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AMG

Artist: Fred Jackson
Album: Hootin''n Tootin'
Year: 1962
Label: Blue Note (Japan, 1994)
Runtime: 37:58

1.  Dippin' In The Bag 4:01 
2.  Southern Exposure 6:57 
3.  Preach Brother 5:47 
4.  Hootin' 'n Tootin' 4:34 
5.  Easin' On Down 6:18 
6.  That's Where It's At 5:09 
7.  Way Down Home 5:11 
All compositions by Fred Jackson

Fred Jackson (Tenor Saxophone)
Earl Vandyke (Organ)
Willie Jones (Guitar)
Wilbert Hogan (Drums)


  1. Fred jackson....thank you very much for this most enjoyable album. These organ, guitar trios/combos are my favorites. Great site.

  2. perfect, thank you itr.

  3. Thanks ITR ... Fred Jackson is new to me ... Baron

  4. Quite enjoyed this session, thanks ITR.

  5. I love this record. Jackson is an honest musician and this is a great example of jazz in a minor key. Soul jazz on a very honest level.

  6. Fred Jackson - Hootin' 'n Tootin' (1962)

    This album is a lot of fun. I'm really enjoying it.


  7. I think this record is underrated. Listen how wonderfully those guys play tight together, extraordinary interplay in a very subtle sweet way. This is beautiful stuff, thanks for sharing!



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