Monday, April 11, 2011

Frank Corrales - Burning Desires

Frank, with the help of Ben Tavera King has done it again, this time instead of movies and cantinas, the influence is on cooking and yummy Tex-Mex treats. Frank is accompanied on this album by Los Tortilleros (the tortilla makers) who consist of: Ben Tavera King who plays rhythm guitar, lead guitar on the cut "Enchiladas Rojas", harpa Mexicana and my favorite the corn tortillas, (which don't last long in my possession to use as an instrument); Jose Alfredo Trevino who provides the "gritos" in just the right places in the musical dishes. There is a double delight to this album, which is a collection of six traditional Tex-Mex recepies from the pen of Melissa Guerra, the celebrated PBS-TV chef. Track number 10, El Porro de Jaime, an adopted traditional Colombian folk tune is the intro music to Melissa's TV program, "The Texas Provincial Kitchen" Included in this platter is "un poco the todo" (a litte of everything) musical to cook and savor by. Track # 2 "Jesusita En Chihuahua" is a yummy spicy polka number used in the move "Like Water For Chocolate". Each track has it's own flavor which like "Mira Luisa" and "La Bamba" adds a bit of spark to "comiendo o cocinando" (eating or cooking). My sombrero is off to chef Frank and his most able assistants Ben and Melissa in assembling a treat for both ear and palate. What a great idea! - by David Cantu,

Artist: Frank Corrales
Album: Burning Desires
Year: 2000
Label: Iago
Runtime: 42:48

1.  Aquellos Ojos Verdes (Menendez Nilo) 3:22
2.  Jesusita En Chihuahua (Traditional) 2:18
3.  Enchiladas Rojas (Ben Tavera King) 2:17
4.  Adios Mariquita Linda (Marcos Jimenez) 2:37
5.  Mira Luisa (Traditional) 3:18
6.  La Bamba (Traditional) 2:24
7.  Mi Rosal (Frank Corrales) 3:57
8.  Quiereme Jesusita (Traditional) 2:05
9.  Rosita Alvires (Traditional) 2:30
10.  El Porro De Jaime (Traditional) 2:41
11.  Atotonilco (Traditional) 2:38
12.  Cuatro Milpas (Belisario de Jesus Garcia) 2:58
13.  Las Nubes (Traditional) 2:33
14.  Pajarillo Barranqueno (Traditional) 3:21
15.  Gabino Barrera (Traditional) 3:42

Frank Corrales (Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussion)
Ben Tavera King (Rhythm Guitar, Harpa Mexicana)
Jose Alfredo Trevino (Percussion)


  1. this looks good, ben talvera king has done some good music. thank you

  2. can´t you repost thanks great music!!!

  3. Paul_Pot: Hello 'itr'. Please re-up links 'Frank Corrales - Burning Desires', its delete. Thank you



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