Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blossom Dearie - May I Come in?

Pianist/vocalist Blossom Dearie's lone Capitol session is probably her best-known album. Backed by an unidentified orchestra, Dearie sings concise versions of a dozen songs, all of which clock in under three minutes. Her small and cutesy voice will not appeal to all listeners, but she has long had a cult following. Highlights include "I'm in Love Again," "Quiet Nights," "May I Come In?," and "I'm Old Fashioned." - by Scott Yanow, AMG

What a fantastic idea it was to put the subtle , unaffected voice and piano of Blossom Dearie at the service of band leader Jack Marshall . The arrangements are lovely and varied , featuring lots of different instruments at the fore of any given song and/or given brief solo voice . Absolutely lovely . On my third listen as i write . Marvelous and a steal at these prices . A certain must for fans of the magical Ms. Dearie. - by Beatrice A. Lafave,

Artist: Blossom Dearie
Album: May I Come in?
Year: 1964
Label: Capitol Jazz (20bit SBM, 1998)
Runtime: 28:45

1.  Something Happens To Me (Marvin Fisher/Jack Segal) 2:04
2.  (I'm) In Love Again (Cy Coleman/Peggy Lee/Bill Schluger) 2:47
3.  When Sunny Gets Blue (Marvin Fisher/Jack Segal) 2:11
4.  Quiet Nights (Corcovado) (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Gene Lees) 2:53
5.  Don't Wait Too Long (Sunny Skylar) 2:19
6.  I Wish You Love (Charles Trenet/Albert Beach) 2:09
7.  Charade (Henry Mancini/Johnny Mercer) 1:57
8.  May I Come In? (Marvin Fisher/Jack Segal) 2:16
9.  I'm Old Fashioned (Jerome Kern/Johnny Mercer) 2:33
10.  Love Is a Necessary Evil (Marvin Fisher/Jack Segal) 2:29
11.  The Best Is Yet to Come (Cy Coleman/Carolyn Leigh) 2:50
12.  Put On a Happy Face (Lee Adams/Charles Strouse) 2:12

Blossom Dearie (Piano and Vocals)
Jack Marshall (Arranger, Conductor)
The Capitol Orchestra (Orchestra)


  1. This is thrilling. Thank you. Sincerely,Leon



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