Monday, April 18, 2011

Bim Sherman - It Must Be a Dream

For those who found the concept of Miracle (Bim Sherman's unplugged and Indian-flavored album of 1996) just a little bit too weird, the same songs are presented here in remixes which vary from straightforward reggae treatments ("My Woman," the dubbed-up Youth mix of "Just Can't Stand It") to jungle (the Underwolves mix of "Can I Be Free from Crying"). Tim Simenon gets a bit techno-ish on his reworking of "Missing You," which does a nice job of incorporating the wailing strings of the original in altered form while pushing the whole thing forward with a modified and slowed-down house beat. Skip McDonald, who sang and played guitar on the original sessions, turns "Lovers Leap" into a funky workout that sounds, not surprisingly, an awful lot like a Strange Parcels number. But it's the Steve Osborn mix of "Bewildered" that takes the prize here -- a shamelessly lush, swooning electronic setting of a song that was uncharacteristically sweet and sentimental to begin with. Marvelous. - by Rick Anderson, AMG

Artist: Bim Sherman
Album: It Must Be a Dream (Remixes)
Year: 2003
Label: EFA
Runtime: 69:04

1.  My Woman (Jarrett Vincent/Bob West) 10:17
2.  Just Can't Stand It (Jarrett Vincent) 4:17
3.  Can I Be Free From Crying (Jarrett Vincent) 7:40
4.  Missing You (Jarrett Vincent) 6:34
5.  Lovers Leap (Jarrett Vincent/Bob West) 5:01
6.  Simple Life (A.Bandez/A. Maxwell/B. Alexander) 5:38
7.  Solid As A Rock (Jarrett Vincent) 9:51
8.  It Must Be A Dream (Jarrett Vincent) 5:52
9.  Bewildered (Teddy Powell & Leonard Withcup) 4:03
10.  Over The Rainbow (Raw Deal/Jarrett Vincent) 4:43
11.  Golden Locks (Jarrett Vincent/Bob West) 5:04

Bim Sherman (Vocals)
Skip McDonald (Acoustic Guitar and Backing Vocals)
Talvin Singh (Tablas and Percussion)
Doug Wimbish (Bass Guitar)
Carlton Ogilvie (Backing Vocals)
Studio Beats Orchestra Bombay (Strings)



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