Friday, April 15, 2011

Baden Powell & Vinícius de Moraes - Os Afro Sambas

Os Afro-Sambas was originally recorded in 1966, while this one without Vinicius de Moraes, was done by Baden Powell, Quarteto em cy (as the original), and others nearly quarter century later. Os Afro-Sambas is certainly one of the most important works of contemporary Brazilian Music truly reflecting the transition period from the stylish Bossa Nova of the late 50's to the revolutionary Tropicalia of the late 60's. Eight of the eleven compositions are the same of the original one, while two are also compostions of Baden and Vinicius from the same period and the opening was made by Baden alone specially for this recording.
All tracks reflect religious syncretism, the mixture of West African religions of slavery origin and the European Catholicism, found mostly on Bahia State in form of Ubanda and Candoble religions. The most frequent music theme is love, specially love delusions and solitude. The understanding of singed Brazilian Portuguese would be a must to get into Vinicius poetry in full depth, as there are no lyrics on this set. As one of the most important contemporary Brazilian poets Vinicius de Moraes also has an important role on Brazilian Popular Music with his solo and works with other Brazilian musicians. His work with Baden is an encounter with one of the best Brazilian guitar players, whose strong classical influence is fantastically merged into samba. - by Andre C. Castilla,

Artist: Baden Powell & Vinícius de Moraes
Album: Os Afro Sambas
Year: 1966
Label: Universal
Runtime: 32:50

1.  Canto De Ossanha 3:28 
2.  Canto De Xango 6:34 
3.  Bocoché 2:38 
4.  Canto De Iemanjá 4:53 
5.  Tempo De Amor 4:33 
6.  Canto De Caboclo Pedra Preta 3:43 
7.  Tristeza e Solidao 4:40 
8.  Lamento De Exu 2:17 
All compositions by Baden Powell & Vinícius de Moraes

Baden Powell (Guitar)
Vinícius de Moraes (Vocals)
Pedro Luis de Assis (Tenor Saxophone)
Aurino Ferreira (Baritone Saxophone)
Nicolino Copia (Flute)
Jorge Marinho (Double Bass)
Reisinho (Drums)
Alfredo Bessa (Percussion)
Nelson Luiz (Percussion)
Gilson de Freitas (Percussion)
Mineirinho (Percussion)
Adyr José Raymundo (Percussion)


  1. Awesome! Check it out this fine tribute to Baden - - It's good!

  2. Links worked for me . . . and man, did they ever!
    This is one of the best albums of Brazilian music I have ever heard. It has all the elements: songs with really cool chord progression, percussion, great nylon-string guitar picking, an old man with a husky voice singing lead, and the haunting reverberated female backup singers! What else do you want?

  3. So sweet, merci pour les nouveaux liens!



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