Friday, March 25, 2011

Suns of Arqa - Shabda

Since 1979, Suns of Arqa have materialised as a musical collective, combining the ancient Hindustani raga systems with Piobaireachd and Nyabinghi roots drumming. They appear intermittently at the seasonal festivals and sacred ritual spaces, where they are a vehicle for the positive raising of vibration, connecting with both the sensory and infinite worlds, for the ongoing evolution of all sentient beings...
Shabda a superb album featuring the 1995 Suns of Arqa lineup - Johar Ali from New Delhi on violin, John Snelson on highland bagpipes, Sticksman on drums, tabla maestros Kalu and Sandeep, Wayne Worm on bass, Country Rankin, Angel -Eye and Wadada on vocals, and special guest Dhrupad musicians Reba and Sumit, amongst others. This is the some of the most interesting dub/world/raga/reggae/dance music in the world. - from

Artist: Suns of Arqa
Album: Shabda
Year: 1996
Label: Arka Sound (1999)
Runtime: 79:15

1.  Tomorrow Never Knows (John Lennon/Paul McCartney) 3:44
2.  There Is No Danger Here (Wadada/Johar Ali) 7:33
3.  Bhairavi Alap (Johar Ali) 2:05
4.  Through The Gate We Go (Angel/Wadada/Johar Ali) 11:01
5.  Bhairavi Live (Dhevdas Nair/John Snelson/ Wadada/SticksWayne Worm) 3:26
6.  Pure Reality (Country Rankin/Angel/Wadada/Sticks/Wayne Worm) 12:03
7.  The Greatest Invocation (Alice Bailey/Johar Ali/Turner) 5:12
8.  Basant Alap (Reba Bhaduri) 4:34
9.  Basant Dhrupad (Reba Bhaduri) 7:02
10.  Beyond The Beyond (Dion Fortune/Wadada/Johar Ali) 5:18
11.  The Great Unique (Wadada/John Snelson) 3:45
12.  Waterloo (John Snelson/Sticks) 3:24
13.  Fire Of Life (Wadada/Johar Ali/Turner) 6:41
14.  Hear The Call (Angel/Johar Ali) 3:23

Wadada (Bass Guitar, Sitar, Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals)
Johar Ali (Violin)
John Snelson (Highland Bagpipes, Bombard)
Doctor Q (Hurdy Gurdy)
Gabri Armi (Didgeridoo)
Dhevdhas Nair (Santoor)
Sticks (Drums)
Sumit Bhaduri (Pakhawaj)
Strirangam S. Kannan (Morsing)
Kwasi Asante (Repeater Drum)
Kalu Zeria (Tabla)
Angel (Vocal, Tanpura) - 2,4,6-8,10,11,13,14
Rick the Switch (Guitar, Keyboards) - 7,13
Wayne Worm (Bass Guitar) - 5,6,9
Roly (Bass Guitar) - 5
Sandeep Popatkar (Tabla) - 5
Reba Bhaduri (Vocals, Tanpura) - 8,9
Country Rankin (Vocals) - 6

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