Sunday, March 20, 2011

Paul Horn - A Special Edition

"The music in these album is special for me because it was recorded live. I have recorded live performances at concerts before but never at a club. This was the end of a concert tour for us and we had settled down to on week engagement in Gastown, Vancouver, B.C. These recordings were taken from the last two nights and we were ready for them - what a relief not moving to a different town each night after having traveled all day to face different acoustical situations.
We were rested and totally familiar and comfortable with the sound of the club. The place was packed every night with warm and enthusiastic audiences which inspered us. You know, audiences are an integral part of a performance. For music to really happen there must be a communication not only among members of the band but between the band and the auidence..." - by Paul Horn

Artist: Paul Horn
Album: A Special Edition
Year: 1976
Label: Black Sun (1989)
Runtime: 72:47


1.  Prelude (Paul Horn) 3:40
2.  Freedom Jazz Dance (Eddie Harris) 4:23
3.  Summertime (George Gershwin/Ira Gershwin) 8:29
4.  Tribute To Jobim (Antonio Carlos Jobim) 5:16
5.  Just Because We're Kids (Dr. Seuss/Frederick Hollander) 4:09
6.  Willow Weep For Me (Ann Ronell) 5:43
7.  Rain (Lynn Blessing) 5:35
8.  Dusk (Paul Horn) 18:59
9.  Dawn (Paul Horn) 8:46
10.  Forms (Paul Horn) 7:42

Paul Horn (Flutes, Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Electric Piano)
Lynn Blessing (Vibraphone)
Art Johnson (Electric Guitar)
Dave Parlato (Bass Guitar)
Bart Hall (Drums)


  1. Thank you for the album and the complete artwork!

  2. links are dead - can you re-up the files?

  3. thanks for the PH. I had not heard this one before, what a treat. I played flute going up so I always try to find flute music and PH is one of the best. Do have any other Paul Horn music? Machine Head was always one of my favorites. Thanks again for all of the great music and the time you put into your blog.

  4. links are dead i just tried them all. great site
    just starting to explore it.
    thanks robert



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