Saturday, March 19, 2011

Donald Byrd & Kenny Burrell - All Night Long

Two of guitarist Kenny Burrell's best sessions from the 1950s were this release and its companion, All Day Long. Burrell is teamed with an impressive group of young all-stars, including trumpeter Donald Byrd, tenor saxophonist Hank Mobley, Jerome Richardson on flute and tenor, pianist Mal Waldron, bassist Doug Watkins, and drummer Art Taylor. In addition to the lengthy "All Night Long" and three group originals (two by Mobley and one from Waldron), the original LP program has been augmented by a medley of "Body and Soul" and "Tune Up" from the same session. Jam sessions such as this one are only as good as the solos; fortunately, all of the musicians sound quite inspired, making this an easily recommended set. - by Scott Yanow, AMG

A dynamite album all around, recorded a week after its companion disc All Day Long, with a different personnel. The title track opens the CD - it's a blues with an 8-bar bridge and sails on at medium-up tempo for over 17 minutes. Everybody gets in on the proceedings: Jerome Richardson is on flute and tenor (his only appearance on tenor on the date), and the tune goes out with characteristic 4-bar exchanges. Two minor-keyed tunes by Hank Mobley (Boo-Lu and Lil' Hank) are handled nicely, both of them taken up, and Byrd's muted solo on Boo-Lu is particularly fine. Two bonus tracks appear, Miles's Tune Up and a slow, introspective version of Body and Soul. There's not a dull moment on this outing; I even find it a tad better than All Day Long, but both albums are near perfect.- by Bomojaz,

Artist: Donald Byrd & Kenny Burrell
Album: All Night Long
Year: 1956
Label: OJC (1990)
Runtime:: 54:34

1.  All Night Long (Kenny Burrell) 17:12
2.  Boo-Lu (Hank Mobley) 6:48
3.  Flickers (Mal Waldron) 6:13
4.  Li'l Hankie (Hank Mobley) 8:23
5.  Body And Soul (Edward Heyman/Frank Eyton/Johnny Green/Robert Sour) 10:22
6.  Tune Up (Miles Davis) 5:36

Donald Byrd (Trumpet)
Kenny Burrell (Guitar)
Jerome Richardson (Flute and Tenor Saxophone)
Hank Mobley (Tenor Saxophone)
Mal Waldron (Piano)
Doug Watkins (Double Bass)
Art Taylor (Drums)

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