Friday, February 4, 2011

Robin Nolan Trio - Mediterranean Blues

When guitarist Robin Nolan formed the Robin Nolan trio in London in 1992, its focus was European gypsy swing a` la Django Reinhardt. But the group (which relocated to Amsterdam) later opted for a change of direction, embracing acoustic post-bop with strong world music leanings. No one will mistake Mediterranean Blues, a collection of the Nolan trio's late-'90s work, for swing recordings of the 1930s and 1940s. Though Nolan's lyrical playing still contains elements of Reinhardt, this is very much a post-bop CD. The title Mediterranean Blues doesn't tell you just how eclectic Nolan is. Yes, Mediterranean music is an influence; some of Nolan's pieces contain elements of Greek music. But this album also finds him combining jazz with everything from Middle Eastern to Latin music. Nolan obviously appreciates a variety of Latin rhythms -- not only Afro-Cuban, but also Spanish, Brazilian, and Argentinean. Although Mediterranean Blues falls short of innovative, it does have a certain freshness. Nolan could have easily stuck to gypsy swing; there are still plenty of people in Europe who worship Reinhardt's music and love to hear younger musicians taking a retro-'30s or retro-'40s approach. But Mediterranean Blues demonstrates that Nolan deserves credit for challenging himself and trying a variety of things. - by Alex Henderson, AMG

Artist: Robin Nolan Trio
Album: Mediterranean Blues
Year: 1998-99
Label: Refined (2001)
Runtime: 64:00

1.  Mediterranean Blues 3:45 
2.  Friar Park 3:54 
3.  Song For Carolyn 8:06 
4.  And Then There Were Three 6:26 
5.  Luna Tango 5:46 
6.  Bar Del Pi 6:25 
7.  From the Banks of the Odra 5:28 
8.  Bolero Blue 7:13 
9.  El Puente 4:48 
10.  Trouble in Paradise 6:25 
11.  Where Do We Go From Here 5:40 
All compositions - by Robin Nolan

Robin Nolan (Guitar)
Paul Meader (Double Bass)
Jan P. Brouwer (Rhythm Guitar) - 3-10
Kevin Nolan (Rhythm Guitar) - 1,2,11
Nema Lopes (Percussion) - 4-10
Arjan Singh (Tabla) - 2
Carles Romo (Palmas) - 1


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