Thursday, February 24, 2011

Leo Kottke - Ice Water

This is a good record, though not the Leo Kottke album to start with, as it is not representative of his usual work -- it's mostly a vocal record, and a very country-flavored record at that, with Kottke's baritone, reminiscent in some ways of Leonard Cohen (and even moving into what one might consider Jim Morrison territory), serving as the dominant instrument on six of the ten tracks. His flashy 12-string playing and Cal Hand's Dobro do come to the fore on "Tilt Billings and the Student Prince." Tom T. Hall and Ron Elliott of the Beau Brummels are among the songwriters represented. Among the intrumentals, "A Good Egg" is just the kind of light-fingered, light-textured virtuoso piece that one buys a Leo Kottke album expecting to find, and much of the rest shows off his talents in some unexpected directions. The sound on the One Way label CD reissue is first rate as well. - by Bruce Eder, AMG

This album was my introduction to Leo Kottke,well over twenty years ago. He amazed me with his playing back then,and he amazes me still,after seeing him numerous times over the years. This album will always be special to me,not only be- cause of its excellence but also because of the wonderful memories that it brings me. The very first song,Morning is a Long Way Home,is a power- ful piece of guitar work and makes the most of Leo's weak singing voice. (It's a voice that Leo fans have learned to love,the way people feel about singers like Neil Young and Bob Dylan.) Leo's version of Pamela Brown is very sweet,and he is justifiably famous for it. The rest of the album is solid quality,the kind of stuff we have come to expect from this terrific musician. This is a fine album,and anyone who enjoys masterful guitar work and excellent songs should buy right away! - A Customer,

Artist: Leo Kottke
Album: Ice Water
Year: 1974
Quality: eac-flac, cue, log, artw.
Label: EMI Plus (2000)
Total time: 38:25

1.  Morning Is The Long Way Home (Leo Kottke) 6:27
2.  Pamela Brown (Tom T. Hall) 4:05
3.  A Good Egg (Leo Kottke) 3:12
4.  Tilt Billings And The Student Prince (Leo Kottke/Ron Nagle) 4:57
5.  All Through The Night (Traditional/arr. Leo Kottke) 1:40
6.  Short Stories (Leo Kottke/Cal Hand) 3:01
7.  You Tell Me Why (Ron Elliott) 3:58
8.  You Know I Know You Know (Leo Kottke) 4:08
9.  Born To Be With You (Don Robertson) 3:01
10.  A Child Should Be A Fish (Leo Kottke) 3:51

Leo Kottke (6 & 12 String Guitar and Vocals)
Bill Berg (Drums and Percussion)
Bill Peterson (Bass Guitar)
Bill Barber (Piano)
Cal Hand (Dobro and Steel Guitar)


  1. No, this album is NOT country based. There is a huge difference between American folk music, and especially Appalachian folk, and "country music." One song does not an album make. There are the usual Kottke instrumentals and a traditional song. A solid album, before the slight decline of "Dreams" and "Pine" and the spotty albums afterwards.



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