Thursday, February 24, 2011

Josh Rouse & Kurt Wagner - Chester

The follow-up to Josh Rouse's acclaimed debut is even more promising than its predecessor: for the five-song Chester, Rouse sought out lyrics from the great Kurt Wagner, the mastermind behind Nashville freakshow Lambchop, and the result is a gorgeously understated record that plays beautifully to the strengths of both artists. Despite the seeming schism between the two, Rouse's bright, chiming songs fit Wagner's darkly surreal vignettes like a glove, at times (as on the superb opener, "Something You Could Always Tell") even co-opting Lambchop's orchestral touches to stunning effect; here's hoping a full-length collaboration is in their future. - by Jason Ankeny, AMG

Artist: Josh Rouse and Kurt Wagner
Album: Chester
Year: 1999
Label: Slow River
Runtime: 20:14

1.  Somehow You Could Always Tell 2:56 
2.  That's What I Know 3:31 
3.  Table Dance 6:11 
4.  65 3:30 
5.  I Couldn't Wait 4:04 
All songs written by Josh Rouse and Kurt Wagner

Josh Rouse (Vocals, Guitar, Melodica)
Kurt Wagner (Vibes, Ambient Noises)
Sharon Gilchrist (Bass Guitar)
Malcolm Travis (Drums)
David Henry (Cello, Backing Vocals)
Dennis Cronin (Trumpet)
Curt Perkins (Electric Piano)



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