Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jorge y Obo - Decade

'Jorge y Obo - El Duo Flamenco', two musicians, who have won great recognition with their own arrangements and compositions of music from Andalusia and Latin-America between experts and an enthusiastic audience. Critics call them to be among the best exponents of this music.
'El Duo Flamenco' presents a very varied program, contenting Spanish music as well as melodies from South-America and even Arabian countries. Sound patterns, fragments and impressions compose a mosaic of music and the listener is invited to an imaginary journey across the original countries of this music. - from the CD cover

Artist: Jorge y Obo - El Duo Flamenco
Album: Decada
Year: 1987
Label: EDF
Runtime: 64:15

1.  Fiesta Gitana 2:49 
2.  Patio Andaluz 4:49 
3.  Fandango de Mojacar 3:52 
4.  Silla del Moro 6:08 
5.  Sevillanas nostalgias 3:25 
6.  Aire Cubano 3:21 
7.  Aires del Norte 3:11 
8.  La Isla 2:40 
9.  Morera 4:41 
10.  En las Cuevas 4:16 
11.  Temas Indianas 4:07 
12.  Plaza de San Miguel 4:30 
13.  Recuerdos 3:12 
14.  Pajaro Campana 4:26 
15.  Toques Gitanos 5:48 
16.  Danza 3:00 


Jorge (Guitar)
Obo (Guitar)
Franco Latragna (Percussion)
Jesus Maldonado (Handclaps)
Luis Maldonado (Handclaps)
Pino Supertino (Bass, Guitar)
Ebrahim Shakoor (Flute)
Guillermo Torres (Percussion)

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