Monday, February 21, 2011

Dino Saluzzi - Cité de la Musique

Argentinean Dino Saluzzi manages to be a great bandeonist and sound different from great Astor Piazzolla. His music is much closer to new age than to "nuevo tango" invented by Piazzolla and Co, his approach is more "down-to-earth" and "minimalistic" yet still bears an influence on Argentinean music . That's what makes him interesting for me and I love this album in particular because of "chamber sound" if you know what I mean. Like you seat in a big dark room next to a fireplace and the guys are playing for you. Five stars. - by M. Grigoryan,

It seems pointless writing a review for this album. It's almost as if you will either come across it in the journey of your life or you will not. If the timing isn't right it will just waft past you like the scent of a beautiful flower that you pass walking along a darkened path that you can never find again. I was lucky enough to come across this album in late 1999 and I have a funny feeling that it will remain on my top-five-most-beautiful-albums list for a long time to come. It's not as if there's a particular person or event in my life that this album reminds me of, it's a sort of a collage of everything beautiful and tragic that has ever happened in my 42 years of living. It's a medium to a whole collection of memory-feelings all bundled up together. More than once I have dozed off (stone cold sober) while listening to this album and have "come to" sensing the most vivid yet indescribable feelings, particularly during the last two tracks.I agree with the other reviews of this album - each of which is personal. Unlike other reviewers I can't put any visual images to the music on this album. I can't even tell my closest friends what I feel some times when I listen to this album. I just feel it. This beautifully dark and sensual album is mood altering if you can allow it to get in. - by Sam Calder,

Artist: Dino Saluzzi
Album: Cité de la Musique
Year: 1996
Label: ECM (1997)
Total time: 60:58

1.  Cité de la Musique 5:56 
2.  Introducción y Milonga del Ausente 8:16 
3.  El Rio y el Abuelo 7:06 
4.  Zurdo 8:25 
5.  Romance 5:11 
6.  Winter 8:46 
7.  How My Heart Sings (Earl Zindars) 5:28
8.  Gorrión 3:23 
9.  Coral para mi Pequeno y Lejano Pueblo 8:24 
All compositions - by Dino Saluzzi ecxept How My Heart Sings

Dino Saluzzi (Bandoneon)
Marc Johnson (Double Bass)
José M. Saluzzi (Acoustic Guitar)

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