Thursday, February 10, 2011

Antonio Carlos Jobim - A Certain Mr. Jobim

This album has had a somewhat confusing release history, appearing as it did amid a flurry of activity by Jobim (including his work with Frank Sinatra) and bouncing between several labels since its first release in 1967. Made up of instrumentals as well as songs (all of the latter in English), it was a superb showcase for the melodic aspect of Jobim's art, though the material, like so much of Jobim's work during his explosive first decade of international recognition, represented something of a work in progress, a fact borne out by the subsequent reworking of the stunning closing number, "Zingaro," as "Retrato Em Branco E Preto." Claus Ogerman's musical direction offers a mix of influences, ranging from Dom um Romao's drumming to the presence of the first violinist of the New York Philharmonic, all combining to sympathetic effect. - by Bruce Eder, AMG

Artist: Antonio Carlos Jobim
Album: A Certain Mr. Jobim
Year: 1967
Label: Warner Bros. (WB Masters, 2002)
Runtime: 26:50

1.  Bonita (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Ray Gilbert) 2:58
2.  Se Tudos Fossem Iquais A Voce (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Vinicius de Moraes) 2:19
3.  Off Key (Desafinado) (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Gene Lees/Newton Mendonca) 3:08
4.  Photograph (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Ray Gilbert) 2:12
5.  Surfboard (Antonio Carlos Jobim) 2:46
6.  Once Again (Outra Vez) (Antonio Carlos Jobim) 2:10
7.  I Was One More For You (Experanca Perdida) (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Ray Gilbert/Dolores Duran) 2:27
8.  Estrada Do Sol (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Dolores Duran) 3:32
9.  Dont Ever Go Away (Por Causa De Voce) (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Ray Gilbert/Dolores Duran) 2:48
10.  Zingaro (Antonio Carlos Jobim) 2:24

Antonio Carlos Jobim (Piano, Vocals)
Dom Um Romao (Drums)
Claus Ogerman (Orchestrated)
Dick Hyman (Organ)
others unknown



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