Friday, February 18, 2011

Angelique Ionatos - D'un Bleu Tres Noir

Angélique Ionatos is a Greek singer produced by the French label Naïve. As far as I know she is unknown on the American side of the Atlantic. Her songs and her voice are melancholic and languorous, reminiscent of some other Mediterranean women singers. I am thinking in particular of the Portugese singer Bevinda. She has a similar feminine "grandeur". Ionatos's Greek roots give to her music a somewhat mystical feeling. She is being accompanied only by few instruments with arrangements that suit very the color of her melancholic voice. A discovery! - by Bruno Deschênes, AMG

Artist: Angélique Ionatos
Album: D'un Bleu Tres Noir
Year: 2000
Label: Naive
Runtime: 50:27

1.  I aria tis rosas (Eleni Kraindrou/Christos Christofis) 3:52
2.  O Claros (Henri Angel/Michael Nick/Cesar Stroscio) 2:14
3.  To tragoudi tis limnis (Eleni Karaindrou/Arletta) 3:49
4.  I palami sou (Angélique Ionatos/Dimitris Mortoyas) 5:29
5.  Omnyl (Angélique Ionatos/Constantin Kavafy) 2:58
6.  Hymnos sti maria nefeli (Angélique Ionatos/Odysseus Elytis) 6:04
7.  Lygmos aggelon (Mikis Theodorakis/Dyonissis Karatzas) 3:41
8.  I poni tis panaghias (Angélique Ionatos/K. Varnalis) 6:01
9.  Nana (Christian Boissel/Christine Ferarios) 2:56
10.  Me kouleraki (Angélique Ionatos/Nikos Houliaras) 3:34
11.  Sta nissia (Angélique Ionatos/Miltos Sachtouris) 2:53
12.  Mavra matia (Angélique Ionatos) 6:27

Angélique Ionatos (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar) - 1,3-9,11,12
César Stroscio (Bandoneon)
Henri Angel (Classic Guitar, Perccussion) - 1,3-6,8,9,11,12
Eric Chalan (Double Bass) - 1-6,8,9,11,12
Michael Nick (Violin) - 1-6,8,9,11,12
Bruno Sansalone (Clarinet) - 1,6

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