Monday, January 31, 2011

Trio Stendhal - Earthsound

László Dés founded the Hungarian jazz band Trio Stendhal with Ferenc Snétberger and Kornél Horváth. They played chamber music in a unique line-up and had extraordinary success all over the world. The band toured in Austria, Italy, Spain and other countries of Europe, but even in India. -

Artist: Trio Stendhal
Album: Earthsound
Year: 1991
Label: Tom Tom Records (2009)
Runtime: 44:30

1.  Gipsy Mountain (Ferenc Snétberger) 6:06
2.  Shanti (Laszlo Des/Ferenc Snétberger) 5:43
3.  Earthsound (Laszlo Des/Ferenc Snétberger/Kornel Horvath) 7:29
4.  Theme For Angela (Ferenc Snétberger) 5:27
5.  Fanny & My Father (Laszlo Des) 5:09
6.  Galima (Laszlo Des/Kornel Horvath) 4:18
7.  Out Of Brazil (Laszlo Des/Ferenc Snétberger/Kornel Horvath) 8:18
8.  Lullaby For All Children (Ferenc Snétberger) 1:56

Laszlo Des (Tenor and Soprano Saxophone)
Ferenc Snétberger (Guitar)
Kornel Horvath (Percussion)



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