Friday, January 28, 2011

Native Ground - One Fine Mama

One Fine Mama is a new release, by Native Ground, that achieves a unique synthesis of diverse cultures. Recorded live in a concert hall in France, this remarkable blend of aboriginal didgeridoo, African percussion, marimba and guitar creates music with an intense pulse and earthy melodies. Gordy Ryan (percussion) has performed and recorded with Baba Olatunji, Mickey Hart, Gabrielle Roth, Airto and Carlos Santana. Al Schackman (marimba and guitars) is currently the guitarist and musical director for the legendary Nina Simone. Gary Thomas (didgeridoo) has performed and recorded with Tim Wheaater and Gabrielle Roth... - from AMG

Artist: Native Ground
Album: One Fine Mama
Year: 1992
Label: Raven (1993)
Runtime: 56:10

1.  One Fine Mama 5:27 
2.  Sister's Gonna Dance Now 6:03 
3.  Side by Side 5:46 
4.  Dreamwalker 4:29 
5.  Within the Volcano 4:58 
6.  Ancestral Spirit 8:40 
7.  Embers 5:49 
8.  Urban Warrior 3:52 
9.  Midnight Crossing 3:16 
10.  Open Sky 7:44 
All compositions Gordy Ryan, Al Schackman, Gary Thomas

Gordy Ryan (Percussion)
Al Schackman (Guitar, Balafon)
Gary Thomas (Didgeridoo)


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