Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mark Isham - Miles Remembered

In A Silent Way is one of the most celebrated albums in jazz history and it still sounds fresh decades after it was originally recorded. During the '90s, its evocative sonic textures and blends of acoustic and electric instruments could be heard throughout contemporary music, particularly in electronica artists who seized the more cerebral aspects of the album. Conversely, Mark Isham hears the space and atmosphere within the album, along with the rest of Miles Davis' electric fusion period. That's why his Davis tribute, Miles Remembered: The Silent Way Project, is so interesting. Even on edgier numbers, such as "Right Off" (the closest Davis ever got to metallic hard rock), Isham finds spacious sonic textures. It may be smoother than Davis fusion and have a different sense of purpose, but it's never boring, and it's often quite rewarding, standing as a testament to Davis' original vision and Isham's skills as an arranger and interpreter. - by Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AMG

Artist: Mark Isham
Album: Miles Remembered: The Silent Way Project
Year: 1996 (Recorded live at Baked Potato, N. Hollywood, CA)
Label: Columbia (HDCD, 1999)
Total playing: 68:39

1.  In a Silent Way - Milestone (Miles Davis/Joe Zawinul) 8:26
2.  Rioght Off (Theme from Jack Johnson) (Miles Davis) 5:06
3.  Internet (Mark Isham) 5:09
4.  All Blues (Miles Davis) 6:34
5.  It's About that Time (Miles Davis) 7:48
6.  Azael (Mark Isham) 2:48
7.  Spanish Key (Miles Davis) 15:27
8.  Ife (Miles Davis) 5:22
9.  Great Expectations (Miles Davis/Joe Zawinul) 5:45
10.  Black Satin (Miles Davis) 6:09

Mark Isham (Trumpet)
Peter Maunu (Guitar)
Steve Cardenas (Guitar)
Doug Lunn (Bass)
Michael Barsimanto (Drums)


  1. Thank you. Isham's moody trumpet stylings are sweet, but I'm also interested in the 2 guitars accompanying.

  2. this album is amazing ...can you put it back to life...much appreciated for your efforts ...
    THX !....

  3. if you still have this one re post, please ...it's hard to find and i want it badly ..sorry about asking again but i really want it
    THX !....



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