Friday, January 21, 2011

Keith Jarrett - Treasure Island

Originally an Impulse LP that surfaced on MCA as a straight reissue on CD, this fine recording features pianist Keith Jarrett's best regular group. Dewey Redman is heard from on tenor, bassist Charlie Haden, drummer Paul Motian and percussionists Guilherme Franco and Danny Johnson are superb in ensembles and guitarist Sam Brown guests on two selections. The emphasis is on the band's sound and Jarrett's rich melodies; he contributed eight originals to this enjoyable modern set. - by Scott Yanow, AMG

It's great to see this beautiful album back in print at an affordable price! I stumbled upon an earlier edition in a bargain bin while record shopping one day about 20 years ago. I didn't know much about it, but glancing at the CD jacket I read the names of Paul Motian, Dewey Redman, and Charlie Haden. That was a good enough indicator for me, so I snatched it up and headed for the register. I'm no music critic or educated musician, I just love soulful music coming from the heart, and this is it! The other extremely brief review here mentions the word organic, and that's as close as a one word description could be. The music on Treasure Island is earthy, gospel infused modern jazz, informed by folk music influences, and driven by the spirit of improvisation. Oh, and Ornette Coleman too! This record is also full of lovely melodies I find truly inspiring. Keith Jarrett, Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden, and Paul Motian are all supreme artists possessing unique musical voices , and this was a very special group. They made a number of other recordings for the Impulse label, but Treasure Island is probably the most appealing and accessible album for the uninitiated.The quartet is augmented by Guilherme Brown and Danny Johnson on percussion. Sam Brown plays guitar on the title track, and Sister Fortune. - by Star Thrower,

Artist: Keith Jarrett
Album: Treasure Island
Year: 1974
Label: Impulse (1988)
Total time: 44:14

1.  The Rich (and The Poor) 9:23 
2.  Blue Streak 2:34 
3.  Fullsuvollivus (Fools Of All Of Us) 6:28 
4.  Treasure Island 4:19 
5.  Introduction & Yaqui Indian Folk Song (K. Jarrett/Traditional 2:17 
6.  Le Mistral 9:22 
7.  Angles (Without Edges) 5:22 
8.  Sister Fortune 4:26 
All compositions by Keith Jarrett

Keith Jarrett (Piano, Soprano Saxophone and Osi Drum)
Dewey Redman (Tenor Saxophone and Tambourine)
Charlie Haden (Double Bass)
Paul Motian (Drums and Percussion)
Guilherme Franco (Percussion)
Danny Johnson (Percussion)
Sam Brown (Guitar) - 4,8


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