Friday, January 14, 2011

Jan Garbarek & Ustad Fateh Ali Khan - Ragas and Sagas

The saxophone is not an instrument usually associated with Pakistani music. And Pakistanis are not especially famous for collaborating with Norwegians. But that is what listeners have on this incredible recording. The music is predominantly Pakistani in sound, tonality, and structure; voice, sarangi, and tabla improvise along with Garbarek's saxophone on every track. For aficionados of Indian or Pakistani music, this is a great recording; Garbarek's lines are right in step with the traditional styles of improvisation. Listeners unacquainted with these traditions will find this recording a mesmerizingly exotic disc. Those familiar with Garbarek's work will be very surprised. This is a completely unique recording for him; one can only hope that he makes further explorations in this vein. - by Mark W.B. Allender, AMG

Artist: Jan Garbarek & Ustad Fateh Ali Khan
Album: Ragas and Sagas
Year: 1990
Label: ECM (1992)
Runtime: 51:50

1.  Raga I (Ustad Fateh Ali Khan) 8:38
2.  Saga (Jan Garbarek) 5:25
3.  Raga II (Ustad Fateh Ali Khan) 13:05
4.  Raga III (Ustad Fateh Ali Khan) 11:54
5.  Raga IV (Ustad Fateh Ali Khan) 12:45

Jan Garbarek (Soprano and Tenor Saxophone)
Ustad Fateh Ali Khan (Vocals)
Shaukat Hussain (Tabla)
Nazim Ali Khan (Sarangi)
Deepika Thathaal (Voice)
Manu Katché (Drums) - 2


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