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Chuck Mangione - The Feeling's Back

Chuck Mangione laid low throughout much of the '90s, perhaps the end result of a disappointing string of albums for Columbia during the '80s. He returned to the road in 1997 and evidently it was a positive experience, since he returned to the studio the following year to cut The Feeling's Back. For all intents and purposes, The Feeling's Back is a comeback album, finding Mangione returning to the smooth, melodic style of Feels So Good, but laying off the sappy pop tendencies that dogged his '80s efforts. Although the end result is a little monotonous -- many of the tracks are quiet and slowly swinging, blending together into one long track -- it's charmingly laid-back, mellow and melodic, all of the things that brought Mangione fame and fortune in the '70s. There isn't a whole lot in the way of "real" jazz here -- the solos are extensions of the themes, and they never stand apart from the lite groove -- but this has the "feeling" that Mangione fans have been waiting to feel again. And that's enough to make it a successful comeback.  - by Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AMG

I discovered Chuck Mangione in 1974, my freshman year at C.U. He was the darling of a local jazz station, long since vanished from the airwaves. I saw Chuck and his quartet at the legendary Tulage's on The Hill, in Boulder. I was close enough to touch the band and was blown away. The music was direct, the melodies flowed easily, and musicianship was second to none. I followed Chuck through college. The next time I saw him was with the full orchestra and Ester Saterfield at C.U.'s Mackey auditorium. The music was still great - Belavia had just been released, but it was more commercial. Chuck had been discovered by the masses, and the music seemed to be written more for the masses than for himself, and, while great, was strained. The Feeling is Back will probably disappoint those who only knew Chuck once he caught on with the "smooth jazz" format stations, but it will thrill those who loved Chuck's early work. No orchestra, a very tight group, and a lyric command of the flugel horn that demonstrates Chuck's technique has only improved with age. The new material, too, is top flight, especially Chuck's tunes, such as Once Upon a Love Time. Effortless, beautiful, naturally flowing melody performed with unparalleled musicianship. Given the commercial direction Chuck's music took after Chase the Clouds Away, I thought I was taking a flier on buying this disc. What I found is nothing short of a modern masterpiece. The Feeling is Back . . . way back. - by A Customer,

Artist: Chuck Mangione
Album: The Feeling's Back
Year: 1998
Label: Chesky (High Resolution Technology, 1999)
Runtime: 57:00

1.  Mountain Flight (Toninho Horta) 4:51
2.  Consuelo's Love Theme (Chuck Mangione) 7:39
3.  Leonardo's Lady (Chuck Mangione) 6:36
4.  Fotografia (Antonio Carlos Jobim) 6:05
5.  Quase (Mario Adnet/Carlos Sandroni) 3:34
6.  Aldovia (Chuck Mangione) 5:06
7.  Once Upon A Love Time (Chuck Mangione) 5:59
8.  Manha De Carnaval (Luis Bonfa/Francois Llenas/Antonio Maria) 8:25
9.  Maracangalha (Dorival Cyammi) 3:51
10.  Le Vie En Rose (Mack David/Louis Gugliemi/Edith Piaf) 4:50

Chuck Mangione (Flugelhorn)
Cliff Korman (Piano and Keyboards)
Jay Azzolina (Guitar)
Paulo Braga (Drums)
Café (Percussion)
David Finck (Double Bass and Bass Guitar)
Kip Reid (Bass Guitar) - 3,7
Sarah Carter (Cello)
Gerry Niewood (Flute and Alto Flute)
Maucha Adnet (Vocals)
Jackie Presti (Vocals)
Annette Sanders (Vocals)



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