Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pharoah Sanders - Tauhid

Although introduced as a protege of John Coltrane and touted by many as his heir apparent, reedman Pharoah Sanders quickly proved his own man. His shared interest in the "cosmic" music of Coltrane's final period belies the fact that Sanders frequently plays with an unhurried sense of peace and satisfaction rarely found in his mentor's music. His use of space, African and Asian motifs and instruments, and simple, repetitive melodies also pointed the way for jazz, rock, and new age musicians in the '70s and '80s, while his sometimes raucous use of harsh, shrieking runs influenced many of jazz's most adventurous saxophonists. Tauhid showcases both of those abilities. By turns meditative and impulsive, Tauhid's lynchpin is the 17-minute "Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt," on which Sanders plays piccolo in the first half and tenor sax in the second; the duality of the composition suggests both the ancient and modern aspects of Africa and, in turn, its melding with European and American culture. "Japan," a short composition on which Sanders performs a warm, spry vocalese, is both folksy and engaging, while the album's closing triumvirate of "Aum," "Venus," and "Capricorn Rising" proves wild and woolly. - by Fred Goodman,

Artist: Pharoah Sanders
Album: Tauhid
Year: 1967
Label: Impulse (1993)
Runtime: 34:27

1.  Upper Egypt & Lower Egypt 16:16
2.  Japan 3:24
3.  a. Aum b. Venus c. Capricorn Rising 14:46
All compositions by Pharoah Sanders

Pharoah Sanders (Tenor and Alto Saxophone, Piccolo and Vocals)
Sonny Sharrock (Guitar)
Dave Burrell (Piano)
Henry Grimes (Double Bass)
Roger Blank (Drums)
Nat Bettis (Percussion)


  1. Many thanks, another one of my lost vinyls replaced!

  2. Sharrock and Sanders!!!!!!!!! (and it might as well be Coltrane the way Sanders is blowing on this one... I did not know this one either till now,) The links still work, Thanks Into.

  3. Pharoah in his most engaging phase. Thanks!

  4. Can you please re-upload this, please? Thanks.

  5. Once again re-up pls :-)

  6. Please re-up one again! This album is a gem:-)



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