Monday, December 27, 2010

Petros Tabouris & Shankar Chattergee - Modes and Talas

Petros Tabouris born in Athens, Greece. He has occupied himself with Greek traditional music cince his childhood and learnt to play the oui, the nai and mainly the Canonaki. He has worked on the ancient and medieval Greek music and has established a strong presence with these subjects in the recent recordings. He has cooperated with many groups and Greek composers by playing the kanonaki.
Shankar Chattergee born in Calcutta, west Bengal. He started learning tabla from his childhood and studied Indian classical music under wellknown masters of Rabindra Bharati Academy. He learnt Tabla improvisation and technique from the famous tabla player Keramadtulla Khan. Shankarlal has performed not only in India but also in Germany and many countries of Europe and showed his activities giving lectures, workshops and experiment conserts with great succes. - from CD booklet.

Artist: Petros Tabouris & Shankar Chattergee
Album: Modes and Talas
Year: 1995
Label: F.M. Records
Runtime: 43:23


1.  The Mediteranean (Petros Tabouris) 2:20
2.  Tatavilianos syrtos (Traditional) 2:13
3.  Taxsim in the fourth plagal mode (Petros Tabouris) 2:45
4.  Song of Rabindranath Tagore (Rabindranath Tagore) 1:35
5.  Tabla improvisation in Tala teental (Shankar Chattegee) 2:57
6.  Sultaniyegiah sirto (Traditional) 3:04
7.  Huseini Semai (Andonis Kiriazis) 3:47
8.  Mantilatos (Traditional) 2:29
9.  Sigathistos (Traditional) 1:47
10.  Taxsim in the second plagal mode (Petros Tabouris) 2:24
11.  Steps in the sand (Petros Tabouris) 3:22
12.  Punjab folk dance (Traditional) 2:00
13.  Fantasy in Nihavent (Traditional) 2:30
14.  Sehnaz Semai (Kementzensi Nikolakis) 3:57
15.  Taxim in the fourth chromatic plagal mode (Petros Tabouris) 2:12
16.  Indian dance (Shankar Chattergee) 1:20
17.  The Euxine (Petros Tabouris) 2:33

Petros Tabouris (Canonaki, Nai)
Shankar Chattergee (Tablas)
Kyriakos Gouventas (Violin)
Yiannis Papatriantafyllou (Bass)

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