Thursday, December 9, 2010

Paul Horn - Inside the Taj Mahal + Inside II

Inside the Taj Mahal is -- to use a much overused term -- a classic in the new age community. Indeed, in 2002, New Age Voice solicited input and compiled a list of the most influential 25 new age albums of all time. This masterpiece is right there at number 11. The perfect acoustics of the great hall (a 28-second echo with no breakup) intrigued Paul Horn and he received permission to perform and record there. This glorious album is a processing marvel and the harbinger of many great performances to come. The marvel is that the echo is the only process. It gives Horn's flute a layered texture, almost a reverb feel. The sentry on duty adds some strange Hindi chanting. Horn's wonderful flute is the focal point, however, and, as always, he is up to the task. The marvelous melodies and deep improvs are matchless, seamless, and timeless. This is one of the Top Ten acoustic ambient albums ever. Its place on the list of the 25 most influential is well-deserved. - by Jim Brenholts, AMG

Artist: Paul Horn
Album: Inside the Taj Mahal / Inside 2
Year: 1968/1972
Label: Kuckuck (1991)
Runtime: 73:11

1.  Prologue/Inside 3:58 
2.  Meditation/Mantra I 2:20 
3.  Mumtaz Mahal 3:24 
4.  Unity 4:34 
5.  Agra 1:39 
6.  Vibrations 1:42 
7.  Akasha 2:53 
8.  Jumna 2:46 
9.  Shah Jahan 5:39 
10.  Duality/Mantra II 2:26 
11.  Mantra III/Ustad Isa 2:43 
12.  The Mahabhutas (Elements) 19:59 
13.  Haida 5:42 
14.  Bach Chorales #10, #13, #164, #270 (J.S. Bach) 4:21
15.  Centaur 6:23 
16.  Mass: Kyrie (Palestrina/Arr. Paul Horn) 2:36

Paul Horn (Flutes and Piccolo)


  1. Fantastic - have the first on vinyl. Thanks

  2. Inside 2 is actually a studio album with a very different sound.
    It's better to find the double album Inside the Taj Mahal I & II which includes a later recording Horn made inside the Taj Mahal in 1989

  3. after you reminded me of the series with your more recent post, i realized i hadn't heard this in awhile. thanks for the opportunity. appreciated.



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